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Blogger from Stuttgart, Germany. Experimental, avant-garde and lots of other genres I never even heard of I think. If you're looking for something different, don't miss this one.

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  • lookout! the yeastie girlz, isocracy, kamala & the karnivores, the surrogate brains, plaid retina and the corrupted morals: 47 tracks and traces of us-punk from 1988 and 1989; lookout!
    (posted 21/04/2017 @ 04:04 PM)
  • throbbing gristle and albrecht/d. - three tapes recorded in london in june and july 1976, and released by the stuttgart reflection press as unlimited editions in september 1976
    (posted 14/04/2017 @ 02:05 PM)
  • night sun: very 'eavy 1972 kraut: very 'umble: gutter mournin' kracht!
    (posted 07/04/2017 @ 12:26 PM)
  • throbbing gristle: music from the death factory: a reflection press tape: stuttgart (germany) 1976: their first official release
    (posted 31/03/2017 @ 01:42 PM)
  • the jesus and mary chain live in amsterdam 1985; including two versions of "jesus fuck"
    (posted 17/03/2017 @ 01:30 PM)
  • the long and windinding rotten trot: never mind instant composing: here are han bennink, misha mengelberg, peter br√∂tzmann, tristan honsinger and many other heroes of the european free improvisation coumpilated for your listening pleasure
    (posted 10/03/2017 @ 11:21 AM)
  • pere ubu live in bremen 1981
    (posted 03/03/2017 @ 01:23 PM)
  • the human switchboard live in cleveland 1981; psychobeat for the advanced (in years)
    (posted 24/02/2017 @ 12:36 PM)
  • celebrating the eggman: 14 german democratic bands paying their tribute to john lennon and the beatles in 1990
    (posted 17/02/2017 @ 01:50 PM)
  • BEATLEMANIA n.UR-Kult hannover 1995: 34 german underground bands playing 59 songs by the beatles
    (posted 10/02/2017 @ 01:54 PM)

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