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10-inch LPs and other records from the early LP era
Many blogs feature music from old LPs; usually rips from CD reissues. Very few (like, none) concentrate on the music from the 10-inch LPs that were fairly common from the first several years of the long-playing record, roughly 1948-57. This blog does. We also make room here for other LPs and even 78 and 45 singles from the pre-stereo era. The title of the blog is an homage to an R&B record of the same name by Bullmoose Jackson and His Buffalo Bearcats. (Not sure why a moose would be fronting a band of bearcats, nor why they would be from Buffalo when Jackson was from Cleveland.) The Moose was selling double-entendre blues; we are promoting primarily pop music and classics, although all genres are welcome here!

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