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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Mermaids Under the Wharf 

...Music recommendations. Albums, individual tracks, good articles about music. Music genres you post: Rock, country, americana, folk, classic rock, indie....

Added: Jan 10, 2012  -  Edited: Jan 10, 2012
-  Online Since: 06/11
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 1429

Tags: Americana, Country, Classic Rock, Indie, Folk, Rock

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Tincanland 

...I only post music I like, and I keep my remarks short and snappy because it's about the music, not me. No downloads, on site track players, but there's a short playlist.
Mostly roots, but can be anything that catches my ear.
Roots, blues, soul, country, Americana...

Added: Apr 9, 2011  -  Edited: Apr 9, 2011
-  Online Since: unknown
-  Updates: regularly
-  Clicks Out: 1298

Tags: Americana, Blues, Country, Soul, Rhythm And Blues

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Bopping 

...Hillbilly bop, Rockabilly and related music styles. Music from my collection (both 45s and 78s) Articles on American artists and record labels of the 1940's to 1960's...

Added: Sep 8, 2010  -  Edited: Sep 8, 2010
-  Online Since: unknown
-  Updates: unknown
-  Clicks Out: 1284

Tags: Rockabilly, Rock And Roll, Bluegrass, Country, Pop, Oldies

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Contraindication Is Your Best Entertainment Value 

...Writing about music, writing tangential to music, spicy chili recipes.
Music genres I post; Rock, field recordings, country, classical, general, gospel, hiphop....

Added: Mar 9, 2009  -  Edited: Mar 9, 2009
-  Online Since: 08/08
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 1205

Tags: Rock, Country, Classical, Gospel, General, HipHop

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org ninebullets.net 

...Above all, ninebullets.net is about (drinking) music; recorded music, live shows, music documentaries, musical news and the occasional reality television show or update/rant about my favorite sports team. While no genre is off limits, we tend to write about country, rock, blues, metal, folk, bluegrass and all the hyphenated subgenres that may fall under those labels. Single track mp3 blog, mostly alt.rock and indie pop and rock. ...

Added: Oct 22, 2009  -  Edited: Oct 22, 2009
-  Online Since: 09/06
-  Updates: daily
-  Clicks Out: 1194

Tags: Country, Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal, Folk, Bluegrass, Alternative Rock, Indie, Pop

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Blues for the RedBoy 

...Cross genre blog, mostly vinyl rips from rare, old 45s....

Added: Aug 15, 2008  -  Edited: May 30, 2010
-  Online Since: 12/07
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 1128

Tags: Rockabilly, Rock And Roll, Soul, Garage Rock, Gospel, Country, Blues

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org The Lake Band 

...Roots music, blues, country, classic and prog rock....

Added: Aug 15, 2008  -  Edited: Jul 26, 2009
-  Online Since: 11/07
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 940

Tags: Blues, Classic Rock, Prog, Prog, Rock, Country

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org McGuinn's Folk Den 

...Mostly Folk Music and definitely a destination for the Roger McGuinn and Byrds fans. Even has chords and lyrics if you'd like to strum along....

Added: Aug 5, 2008  -  Edited: Oct 21, 2008
-  Online Since: 11/95
-  Updates: monthly
-  Clicks Out: 929

Tags: Folk, Alt. Country, Country

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Birds With Broken Wings 

...intelligent essays and music mixes. rock, jazz, soul, r&b, folk, blues, 20th century, country western, spiritual, latin, spoken word, electronic, sound collage, interviews, short stories, barroom yarns...

Added: Aug 9, 2011  -  Edited: Aug 9, 2011
-  Online Since: 08/07
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 927

Tags: Rock, Jazz, Soul, Rhythm And Blues, Folk, Blues, Country, Electronic

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org She's Making Whoopee in Hell Tonight 

...We cover a whole range of stuff, but our collective interests tend in the direction of Blues, Classic Country, and Metal (?!?). Mostly mixes and single tracks with albums thrown in as time permits. We focus on how the music blog scene shapes what we discover and listen to, and give a lot of credit to those blogs that keep us going!...

Added: Dec 14, 2008  -  Edited: Dec 14, 2008
-  Online Since: 12/08
-  Updates: unknown
-  Clicks Out: 824

Tags: Blues, Classic Rock, Country, Heavy Metal

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