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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Brain Damage 

...A place to find unusual rock music. Progressive Rock, AvantProg-Rock, RIO, Jazz-Rock...

Added: May 8, 2010  -  Edited: May 8, 2010
-  Online Since: 01/10
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 581

Tags: Prog, Jazz Rock, Rock, Electronic, Fusion

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Microphones In The Trees 

...not for your average music fan this one, lots of very rare and mostly unknown "off the beaten track" stuff; from ambient and electronic to shoegaze and other far more experimental stuff. If you got adventurous ears... give it a shot...

Added: Aug 5, 2008  -  Edited: Jul 18, 2011
-  Online Since: 11/05
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 578

Tags: Alternative Rock, Electronic, Easy Listening, Psych, Rock

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org ELECTROPEOPLE.ORG 

...Russian electro based site, with Jungle Drum & Bass, Breakbeat Breaks, Hardcore Hardstyle, Lounge Chillout, Downtempo Ambient, Psychedelic Goa, Trance, Electronic, House, Techno, Industrial, IDM.
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Added: Feb 26, 2009  -  Edited: Feb 26, 2009
-  Online Since: unknown
-  Updates: unknown
-  Clicks Out: 564

Tags: Electronic, Dance, Lounge, Pop, Psych, Trance

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Skegness Chilled 

...Music Blog offering a blend of balearic, electronic, disco, folk, funk and generally everything chilled. Electronic, jazz, funk, soul, house, soul, disco, indie....

Added: Oct 20, 2009  -  Edited: Oct 20, 2009
-  Online Since: 08/09
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 558

Tags: Dance, Disco, Electronic, Folk, Funk, World Music, Pop Soul, Jazz, House, Indie

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Indoor music 

...Trip Hop and assorted genres....

Added: Aug 15, 2008  -  Edited: Sep 12, 2008
-  Online Since: 02/08
-  Updates: daily
-  Clicks Out: 531

Tags: HipHop, Electronic

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Flip Your Wig 

...The new and improved Flip Your Wig, now located on its own domain and better design than ever. All Genres, Classical, Punk, Rock, Ska, Electronic, Metal, Drum n Bass...

Added: Jul 13, 2009  -  Edited: Jul 13, 2009
-  Online Since: 07/09
-  Updates: daily
-  Clicks Out: 529

Tags: Classical, Punk, Rock, Ska, Electronic, Heavy Metal, Dance

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Walmer Convenience 

...A humourous look at music, primarily urban, from around the world. Moombahton, dubstep, electro, hip hop, dancehall, tropical, house, uk funky
Language Warning: if you're sensitive to expletives, that is rude language, skip it....

Added: Mar 6, 2011  -  Edited: Mar 6, 2011
-  Online Since: unknown
-  Updates: daily
-  Clicks Out: 527

Tags: Dance, Electronic, HipHop, House, Funk

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org djnodj.com 

...A music blog from the TUNAWAX crew, posted in between beers, boobies, and bank robberies. Electro, wrecktro, hiphop, funk, soul, dub, reggae, indie, rock, house, northern soul, dubstep, remix, blues, alt, rarities, bitwave, punk, minimal, gabber, drum n bass, abstract, bangers & mash, freestyle, dance, breaks, downtempo, glitch, acid, jazz, lo fi.
Single tracks mp3 blog...

Added: Nov 15, 2009  -  Edited: Nov 15, 2009
-  Online Since: 01/08
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 525

Tags: Electronic, Funk, HipHop, Soul, RnB, Blues, Alternative Rock, Punk, Jazz

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Another Song, Another Story 

...Music is my Air. Songs is in my Soul. Mp3s is in my Blog.
Genres: Electronic, Progressive, House, Dutch, Reggae, DUB and many more...

Added: Aug 19, 2011  -  Edited: Aug 19, 2011
-  Online Since: 04/07
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 519

Tags: Electronic, Prog, House, Reggae, Dance

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org No Longer Forgotten Music 

...Nice music, hard to get. This blog is just a small waste of time to kill time sometimes. It has music that is perhaps forgotten or not but I want you to hear it. Music I like and nothing else. Vinyl rips and cassettes of very obscure stuff. Electronica, experimental and avant garde of all kinds of genres. Recommended for collectors....

Added: Aug 15, 2008  -  Edited: Jan 5, 2010
-  Online Since: 07/07
-  Updates: daily
-  Clicks Out: 515

Tags: Electronic, Alternative Rock, Fusion, Classical

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