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...very irregular poster... see tags for genres posted here....

Added: Aug 5, 2008  -  Edited: Oct 17, 2008
-  Online Since: 12/06
-  Updates: irregularly
-  Clicks Out: 610

Tags: 60s, 70s, Soul, Pop, General, Reggae

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Red Red Wine On A Sunday 

...podcasts covering a lot of different grounds and genres. Pop, rock, pop-rock, powerpop, rock and that's not even all...

Added: Apr 2, 2011  -  Edited: Apr 2, 2011
-  Online Since: 10/09
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 592

Tags: General, Pop, Powerpop, Rock

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Everything Starts With an A... 

.......and ends with a zzzzzzz.
Vinyl rips. Welcome to what will likely be a huge slice of my record collection with a few tapes and compact discs thrown in too. The focus here will be on mostly long deleted & unavailable music, where the band are no longer active and where it is literally impossible to obtain this music commercially. As a hark back to my favourite record shops where everything was just filed A-Z without the 90's obsession of pigeon holing music into a multitude of categories, you won't find any obscure labelling here, just a record of my rather varied musical taste....

Added: Mar 23, 2009  -  Edited: Mar 23, 2009
-  Online Since: unknown
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 586

Tags: General, Alternative Rock, Indie, Pop, Rock

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...'It's about bringing music to people's attention which they've probably never heard before...music shouldn't have boundaries...it's just language, that everyone can identify with. That's the most valuable thing in music today. We're living in that time when things have got to unite.
Lots of great stuff here. Recommended....

Added: Aug 5, 2008  -  Edited: Sep 23, 2008
-  Online Since: 01/07
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 577

Tags: General, Reggae, Pop, Soul, Punk, Rock

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Xtabays World 2 

...Exotica galore, been going for ages... Space Age Pop, Exotica, and Lounge...

Added: Aug 5, 2008  -  Edited: Sep 4, 2008
-  Online Since: unknown
-  Updates: daily
-  Clicks Out: 570

Tags: General, Lounge, Pop

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Grumpy Boss's Corner 

...A mixed bag this one, lots of oldies and pop and then suddenly some quality blues or even rock. Basically from Zappa to James Last. If you prefer compilations this is a good place to bookmark. ...

Added: Aug 5, 2008  -  Edited: Aug 22, 2008
-  Online Since: 06/07
-  Updates: daily
-  Clicks Out: 554

Tags: Oldies, General, Pop, Rock, Classic Rock

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Left and to the Back 

...Digging for nuggets from the dusty old storerooms of pop.
"Left and to the Back" is a blog exploring the dark and dusty world of flop singles and albums, the kind you may find lingering near the stock room of your local second hand record store (if you still have one), or perhaps going for extortionate sums on ebay.
All styles from all eras get a look in here - the only qualifying factor should be that the artist under discussion either failed to reach the top forty, or else released interesting material which fell by the wayside at some point in their careers. Odd minor one-hit wonders and early flop singles by known stars may also sometimes feature....

Added: Aug 15, 2008  -  Edited: Apr 12, 2010
-  Online Since: 04/08
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 532

Tags: General, Oldies, Pop, Rock

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Wonderful Wonderblog 

...Comic Books, Monsters, Science Fiction, Cartoons, Toys, Trading Cards, Music, Halloween, Christmas, TV, Autographs, Trivia, Football, Pop Culture, Scrapbooking and more! Something for the inner child....

Added: Aug 5, 2008  -  Edited: Sep 24, 2008
-  Online Since: 07/06
-  Updates: monthly
-  Clicks Out: 525

Tags: General, SoundTrack, World Music

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Art Decade 

...specializing in music of the "long seventies"
single track blog, cross-genre....

Added: Aug 5, 2008  -  Edited: Jan 7, 2009
-  Online Since: 11/06
-  Updates: daily
-  Clicks Out: 523

Tags: Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Indie, Reggae, General, Prog, Psych, Pop

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org QUATERPASS 

...Italian blogger from Milan, not a "music only" blog, lots of pics and talk (in italian) and the occasional full album music post that can be both italian or international (english language) music. (moved here from quaterpass.blogspot.com)...

Added: Oct 23, 2008  -  Edited: Oct 23, 2008
-  Online Since: 10/08
-  Updates: weekly
-  Clicks Out: 519

Tags: Classic Rock, General, World Music

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