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...Ochtendhumeur, nostalgie, verhaaltjes, plaatjes, originals, flauwe kul en... brede opklaringen. Music on my mind, Originals, Rarities, etc... from the roaring twenties to the abominable eighties.
Blog is in Dutch....

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Tags: Oldies, Pop, Rock, Soul

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...This blog is all about tunes I care about. The ones with that thin wild mercury sound, you know. And as I like a lot of different stuff, you can expect everything from pop, rock, punk, blues, soul, folk, reggae, country, jazz and everything in between here. And a whole lot of Dylan of course...
Single tracks blog....

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Tags: Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Pop, Rock, Punk, Folk, Soul, Reggae, Country, Jazz

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...Rock and Soul from 1950s and 1960s obscure recording artists. rhythm & blues, rock, soul, juke joint, obscure rock and roll. Home to the WFMU Rock 'n' Soul 24 hour webstream, as well as mp3s and full album downloads. Obscure hits from the '50's and '60's...

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Tags: 50s, 60s, Rock And Roll, Rock, Soul, Rhythm And Blues

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...This is definitely a free record shop. Cross genre and loads of full discographies. You better make some space on your hard drive first....

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-  Updates: daily
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Tags: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock, SoundTrack, General

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...60s Soul, Blues and Psych, 70s funk, jazz, blaxploitation, garage rock and so on...

Added: Sep 24, 2011  -  Edited: Sep 24, 2011
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Tags: 60s, 70s, Soul, Funk, Jazz, Garage Rock, Pop, Rock, SoundTrack

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Soundaboard 

...From the blog: "Only rare & non official Rock recordings!"
Bootlegs and soundboard recordings. Some excellent and extremely rare stuff here....

Added: Aug 5, 2008  -  Edited: Aug 28, 2008
-  Online Since: 02/07
-  Updates: weekly
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Tags: Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Prog, Psych, Rock, Blues, Bootlegs

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Melofilia 

...Single tracks and full albums rock blog. Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Southern Rock, Rock Brasileiro, Latin Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Stoner Rock...

Added: Jun 30, 2010  -  Edited: Mar 26, 2011
-  Online Since: 11/09
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Tags: Alternative Rock, Americana, Indie, Classic Rock, Rock, Hard Rock

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Flower Bomb Songs 

...Information about obscure garage, R'n'B, Mod & psychedelic 45s 1964-72 and beyond especially neo garage bands and 70s punk rock/new wave. Other 60s ephemera will be added occasionally.
This is a pretty extensive and well made information only blog, not a download blog....

Added: Aug 5, 2008  -  Edited: May 29, 2009
-  Online Since: 03/07
-  Updates: weekly
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Tags: 60s, 70s, Garage Rock, Rhythm And Blues, Psych, Punk, Pop, Rock

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Joe's Sonic Dungeon - Online Vinyl Archive 

...Rips of rare and classic vinyl from my collection: rock, psych, psychedelic, mod, freakbeat, early r&b, soul, fifties, sixties, seventies, punk, jazz, bop, girl group, funk, classic rock, southern rock, prog, progressive, experimental, pop...

Added: Mar 4, 2012  -  Edited: Mar 4, 2012
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Tags: Pop, Rock, Oldies

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Generated by WebThumbnail.org Schnickschnack Mixmax 

...Avant-garde, classical, world music, easy listening, lounge, oldies (50s-80s), pop rock, hard rock, schlager.. I guess that's cross genre, no?...

Added: Feb 28, 2012  -  Edited: Feb 28, 2012
-  Online Since: 12/09
-  Updates: weekly
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Tags: General, Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, World Music, Classical, Schlager, Folk

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