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About Totally Fuzzy

Totally Fuzzy is not some big corporation or an internet startup, that can rely on major funding resources.

We depend entirely on the support of the visitors of this site.

Since October 4th 2003 Totally Fuzzy has been run by volunteers, dedicating their time and a lot of effort, creating the very first mp3 and music blog aggregator and one of the major online destinations for people interested in what was happening on Music blogs, still a new phenomenon in those days..

Started by herr k at tofuhaus.antville.org, the tofuhaus as it was known in the early days, grew to become the leading music blog aggregator thanks to the dedication of a lot of volunteers. In May 2007, after herr k made it clear he wanted to move on, mephisto moved the blog to totallyfuzzy.blogspot.com and she pretty much ran it alone from then on.

Not satisfied by the restrictions of the regular blogroll, she tried to come up with some sensible solution to have a blog list that works, fuzzybloglist.blogspot.com was born, only to prove relatively fast that a blog was definitely not the way to approach a decent blog directory.

That's where the idea for this full blown music blog directory came from.

Since youtube was still pretty much a mess, a very popular mess, but still a mess, as far as music videos was concerned, we started our music video site The Fuzzy Tube, in an effort to organise all music videos on myspace and youtube and make them accessible a little easier, without having to wade through a couple of thousand non-music videos. After myspace started restricting most of its videos to US/Canada only, and basically started its by now famous demise, youtube became the major source. Then came VEVO... and the rest is history, as they say.

Since April 7th 2011 Totally Fuzzy has ended it's former blog aggregation activities. With major aggregators like hypem, MOG and elbo.ws that developed over the years and with a couple of hundred other so called aggregators, there wasn't much point to it anymore.

Also, where the initial music blogs where mostly Sharity blogs, sharing only out of print albums and even tapes converted to mp3, that gradually changed and unfortunately sharing in some cases turned into an uncontrollable avalanche of music piracy gone berserk. Despite several restrictions on the blog it became clear that the genius wasn't very likely to return into its bottle so there weren't too many options left; the exit out of it all had become unavoidable and final.

The blog was converted into a music blog offering legal full album streams, most of them powered by Soundcloud. Others coming from other sources such as Bandcamp, NPR and Rolling Stone.

Response to the change and the new direction was so overwhelming that it looks like we found ourselves another interesting niche worth exploring.

So much for the past... now we're all ready for the future...

Why we do, what we do, the way we do it?

There are a couple of thousand music blogs out there, most of them are news blogs, some of them competing like crazy to get the latest news and tracks out first. I didn't feel like going in that direction, so I sat back and reflected: what music blog I would like to visit myself. What music blog would actually be useful and contribute something to my own personal every day enjoyment of music. One that is short on talk and rumours and opinions, and one that allows me to form my own opinion, one that allows me to determine whether some CD or artist is worth my hard earned money, so... the new Totally Fuzzy became that blog. After all, music is something to listen to and not something to talk or read about.

It is my ears that will tell me what I like, not some blogging bloke in a basement in NYC, not even the educated bloke writing for Rolling Stone. Streaming is a godsend in that regard. You can listen to and discover new music that is well worth your money or you can decide that it definitely is not, for you at least. Of course you won't like everything we post, that goes with the territory. We're so genre agnostic that anything goes really. From classical music and jazz or bossa nova to the extremest metal or experimental avant-garde music. An open mind goes a long way. And it's OK to NOT like something too. At least we gave you a chance to listen to it. At least now you know what some other people might be talking/writing about when they do, because you heard it.

We don't have a staff and we're not looking for editors. The information that is already available on the internet, sites like wikipedia, allmusic and some other music blogs that google might return on any given search is aggregated and reused, with proper credits given most of the time. That way you can still get some background information, and we even have the opportunity to introduce some new resources (the sources) to you as well.

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