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Javascript Required
This site requires Javascript to be active in your browser.
So please turn OFF any noscript extensions you might have running in your browser, at least for this site.
Or turn ON Javascript should you have it deactivated by default.

You can search for a specific blog by entering the title or the URL.
You can not search for bands/artists and albums etc.
Well, you can search of course, but you won't get any relevant results.

The best way to browse this site is by using the tags in the Tag cloud.
Most blogs post various genres, we pick out some of the most prominent genres to tag a blog.
That doesn't mean that no other genres are ever posted on that blog of course.
We deliberately kept the number of tags low, because otherwise it just complicates things too much for everybody.

The VISIT links via out.php
We decided to use the redirect to external sites to be able to monitor traffic, so we could rank blogs based on popularity, based on the number of clicks going to that specific blog.
Of course, just because 1.000 people visit a blog, that doesn't mean they all liked it. Rankings are always very relative.

RSS feed preview
You have an RSS feed preview to see what a specific blog has been posting lately.
The feed preview is on the Site details page, the review page.
Links on the site details page RSS preview are always to the home page of a site, this because of legal reasons.
RSS feeds on the site details page are updated every 24 hours.
If you want to subscribe to any site's RSS feed you will have to visit the site to do so, this is because we don't want to interfere with any site's traffic.

Add a site.
You can no longer add a blog. The directory is in "museum mode".

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