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About the mobile site: this is a preliminary version of the mobile site. Core functionality works but given the vast amount of different screen sizes of so many available mobile devices (tablets, smartphones etc) some finetuning will be necessary.

The site was developed/tested using a Samsung Galaxy S5 neo running Android 5.1 using the Google Chrome browser. Although it works in Firefox too, Chrome is obviously a lot faster.

Since I don't have any iOS devices to test on I could use some feedback from you, our visitors, if there are any problems.

Please report all problems (or make suggestions) to webdev@totallyfuzzy.net

Not working or temporarily deactivated features
- All sharing links and buttons are reactivated but all share links go to the main site, not this mobile one.
- ratings : since (almost) nobody seems to be using it we'll just let go of it
- favs on video pages, your favorites can be reached via your profile page for now. Add to favorites button is not available yet.
- same artist listing on video page: use the artist name tag instead.

Work In Progress: we're not quite done yet.. so we'll continue making changes and improvements to this mobile site over the next weeks.

Update 28/02: fixed several issues: festivals page, addthis sharing buttons, login page and some minor layout issues.

Safari issues fixed I fixed some issues with Safari 5 on Windows, the search field and menu button were all over the place. Folks if you're running Safari on OS-X and/or iOS and there's any problems please let me know.

Flash Videos: a few videos might come from sources that are still not using html5 but Flash videos. Both Android and iOS don't play Flash content unless you use a special browser or addons which is not recommended. I suggest you just leave those videos be then, or watch them on our desktop site..

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