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DMCA & Copyrights

None of the videos on this site are hosted on this server or any other server under our control. We use special API technology that allows us to embed videos from other video sites.

If there are any DMCA copyright issues, you'll have to contact the site that is hosting the video. We can not remove any file from a server we don't have access to.

If you want a video removed from our database, please use our contact form to send me your official business email address and I will contact you, so you can send me an official DMCA takedown request if necessary. I will take down any video, without any further delay or discussion, if that is requested properly, that is: using an official verifiable email address (no gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc) and if necessary the correct legal procedures and/or documents.

There are too many clowns active on the internet, that's why we would like to see an official and legally correct DMCA takedown request before removing any video in some cases. Jokers might want to take notice that there are severe penalties for false DMCA takedown notices.

All videos on this site are embedded using the official API interfaces as provided by the respective video sites, (namely DailyMotion, YouTube, Google Video, MySpace TV, and MTV) and this in accordance and in full compliance with their respective terms of service.

There is no way for us to establish, legally or otherwise, whether any of the video sites we use are hosting the content we use illegally or whether they have any agreements/contracts with copyright holders and licensing collecting agencies or not. We therefore can only assume that they are acting "in good faith" and that by allowing us to embed their content, they do not make us accomplice to any copyright or licensing violations.

We do not upload any videos anywhere ourselves. We only use what has been uploaded by existing members of the video sites we use. Lately we are using mostly official videos posted by record companies and labels in an attempt to stay out of the copyright quagmire.

Licensing Issues: for any licensing issues please consult the copyright policies of the sites listed below and use the contact addresses there:
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/t/dmca_policy
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=misc.terms
DailyMotion: Terms - Copyright Policies

last.fm API issues: photographs, images, text etc.

We are fully licensed to use last.fm content on our sites.

That means that all content is licensed to us by last.fm, regardless of the legal status of that content. In case there are any legal issues with any of the content, like copyright infringement etc., last.fm is the only party that can and needs to resolve those issues. Since all last.fm content is user-generated the DMCA legal procedure applies.

Therefore, for all issues concerning photographs, images or any other information we're offering via the last.fm API, do not contact us but contact last.fm directly instead. None of the images or other last.fm information is stored - or even cached - on our servers. Everything is hosted by last.fm on their servers and is fetched from there in real time using their API, meaning it is technically not possible for us to remove anything from our site's last.fm powered pages.

Copyright holders that see photographs, pictures, text - anything really - on our video and/or artist profile pages that is used without their permission should file a DMCA complaint with last.fm and if it stands last.fm will remove the copyrighted pictures or text from their site and servers. That automatically means it will no longer be available to be displayed on any of the thousands of sites using their API, which of course includes this site.


All photographs on the artist profile pages are always and only from last.fm.

It is legally pointless trying to accuse us of copyright infringement for any of the last.fm data. See the last.fm terms and conditions and licensing agreements.

Due to the sheer volume of constantly changing data available via the last.fm API it is even impossible for us to know how many pictures, photographs etc are available at any given moment, leave alone know which ones and whether they are copyrighted or not. Furthermore, since we never upload any images or photographs, nor even get to choose/decide which ones are being displayed, we can simply not intentionally infringe on anybody's copyrights either.

The "© Totally Fuzzy" notice in the footer of this site only applies to the design/layout/programming of the website. It does in no way represent any claim on copyrights of any of the videos on this site.

PS: If you contact me, please let's behave as adults; if you're friendly and polite with me you'll very likely find me being reasonable, understanding and cooperative, if however you start out by bullying me don't be surprised if I'll ignore you or even tell you to fuck off. That's entirely your choice. I'm not easily intimidated so let's communicate as equals instead.

FYI: this is just a small site, tucked away in a subdirectory, with approx 3-4.000 dedicated visitors per day, and with my stubborn personal choice of what gets posted here I will make sure it will stay that way. I don't have any ambition to end up with a mega-site. A small site where real music lovers can discover new music or rediscover older stuff is what this place is meant to be. We're not competing with anybody, we're in a league of our own, nor are we harming anyone I'd like to think. Compare it to a little local radio station that people turn to for an hour or so to chill out from a long hard day. No nonsense, no pressure, no hype.