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Name: Itch
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Published/Updated: 26 May 2007, 15:53

Biography: There are three artists named Itch:

1) Solo project of Jonny "Itch" Fox, formerly of The King Blues
2) Math rock band from Leeds, UK
3) Experimental rock band from Belgrade, Serbia

1) Itch is the name of Jonny "Itch" Fox's solo project since the break-up of his previous band, The King Blues.

Itch's music is a mix of dubstep, poetry, hip-hop and electronica. He released his début EP - "Manifesto Part 1: How to Fucking Rule at Life" at the end of 2012 via Red Bull Records.

His album - 'Life Is Poetry' was released in March 2014 in both the UK and USA. Songs on the album include collaborations with Matisyahu, Megan Joy and Adam Lazzara.

2) Itch are a four-piece alternative math rock band from Leeds, West Yorkshire (UK). The band started in 1999. Drawing influence from bands like Sweep the Leg Johnny, Spy Versus Spy and The White Octave.

The band was never taken seriously until a small independent label called Happy Astronaut help release their first E.P 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf!' In 2002.

Followed by an album called 'Well,Well,Well, Three Holes in the Ground' in 2005 on Big Scary Monsters, and with the success that followed they were able to tour in and around the UK numerous times, before releasing a single 'The Bombshell' in 2007 on BSM again.

Since then they've been busy growing up and writing a long over due album entitled 'An Illusion Of Grandeur From A One Trick Pony' which was released on the 17th November 2009 on Tip Toe Records.

Mike Milner - Vocals & Guitar
Steven Banks - Guitar
John Darke - Bass Guitar
Lee Strong – Drums

3) Itch is alternative/experimental rock band from Belgrade, Serbia

Bend started at 2010.The idea is about making music with lot of different styles in it. All 4 of them have different music taste, but one thing brings them together, and that is love and passion for music and a wish to bring something new to people. They have one album recorded and it will be released soon. They already started working on material for their second album.

Dusan Simic - Guitar
Srdjan Vujnovic - Bass
Filip Stanisic - Drums
Jelena Risovic - Vocals
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