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Name: The Cats
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Published/Updated: 22 Aug 2007, 08:57

Biography: There are multiple artists with this name

1. a Dutch pop band, particularly successful around 1970.
2. a reggae band from London
3. a rock 'n' roll band from Scotland
4. a Dubstep band from Russia (stylized as Th3 Cats)

1. The Cats were a rock band from the Dutch fisherman's town of Volendam that existed from 1966 and 1985. Alongside fellow Volendammers, BZN, The Cats may be regarded as the most important band in the so-called Palingsound ('Eel Sound') genre, as the music of Volendam is often referred to.

Initially founded as The Blue Cats, The Cats had five Dutch #1 singles, one platinum and thirteen gold albums in their home country and were particularly successful in Germany also.

The band consisted of singers and guitarists, Cees Veerman (born 6-10-1943) and Piet Veerman (born 1-3-1943). Jaap Schilder (born 9-1-1943) played guitar and piano, bass player was Arnold Mühren (born 28-1-1944), drummer was Theo Klouwer (born 30-6-1947, died 8-2-2001).

Piet Veerman left the band in the 1980s and had a major Dutch (and German) solo hit with the song Sailing Home.

The band briefly re-united in 2006 to record a single.

2. John Ogetti Kpiaye was born in 1948 in the East End of London to an English mother and Nigerian father. He lived in the countryside from the age of 4 to 12. He attended Phoenix School for asthmatics in Mile End and Daneford Modern in Bethnal Green. He left school at 15 and began working as an apprentice welder. In 1966 his mother bought him his first guitar which he quickly taught himself to play. At that time he was into ska and rock steady as well as soul and he began learning those styles. A year later he quit his job, formed a band called The Hustling Kind (later the name changed to The Cats) and decided to try and make it as a musician. He hasn’t looked back since.

Success was soon to come. In 1968 Kpiaye thought it would be a good idea to do a rock steady/reggae rendition of the classical composition Swan Lake. He worked out a piano melody line on his sister’s piano at home and his band recorded the tune. They made history as the first British reggae group to have a top 50 entry in the UK singles chart. This led to tours in the UK and Europe but by 1971 the group had split up.

3. http://www.myspace.com/thecatsputtintherockinroll
The Cats are three Scottish guys who love to play good old-fashioned rock and roll. If it’s not Andy’s rocking vocals or big old bull bass that get you moving, it will be Fraz’s flying fingers on his Gretsch guitar, or Sandy’s pounding drums
We are THE CATS and we are three rockers that love to entertain anyone who dares to stand in our way. The name of the game is Rock n Roll done the old fashioned way (the way your papa told you about). Music is all about one thing and that is ENTERTAINMENT. When we are playing and we get somethin going with our audience there is nothin better and we've had no complaints so far. They just love the Pounding Drums, Flying Guitar, Bull Bass, and Rockin Vocals. We love all our fellow cats and kittens gettin down to our sounds. As Eddie Cochrane would say Cmon Everybody!

4. http://the-cats.com/ : The CATS are an EDM project from Russia, with the symbiosis of the bass styles - Dubstep, Trap, Drum'n'Bass and Progressive. The combined forces of Olga Lucky, DJ TaraZ and Temmy Lee united as a full-on live bass music band. Th3 Cats is based on the contrasts of the band member's musics styles.
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