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Kids Of The Apocalypse - Empire

Posted by admin on Nov 12, 2013, 4:59 pm





Despite having a track grand enough to conquer the world with with “Masters of the Sun” at the start of the year, mysterious collective Kids of the Apocalypse has lain low since then, only emerging halfway through the year to take London Grammar‘s “Wasting My Young Years” to maximalist heights. Ten months after their debut, we still know virtually nothing about the group (or even if it is a group), other than they make the kinds of songs that could easily break a speaker system or two if you’re not careful.

With latest single “Empire” the collective also makes it clear that they’re more than a little concerned about the future of our planet, and its “apocalypse”. The explosive track features all of the sonic elements of “Masters of the Sun”, while adding a lyrical depth of the environmentalist message that not everything goes when trying to build an “empire”.

This message is further showcased (very well, I might add) by the track’s video, which contrasts images full of life with those of mass destruction, explosions, and death. The track is more than worth a listen, and you could do a lot worse than give the video a good watch.
-- LB4YB

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