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1 hour ago (via cnet.com)
Commentary: Foldable phones just took another hit -- it's likely rivals are taking notes.

1 hour ago (via go.theregister.com)
Quick summary as your morning coffee brewsRoundup You're busy. We're busy... looking busy. Here's a quick catch up on this week's chip news for you.…

3 hours ago (via cnet.com)
Avengers: Endgame opens this week, so I'm getting in the mood by holing up in a theater and watching 22 Marvel films back-to-back. Keep up with the madness.

5 hours ago (via cnet.com)
A reviewer's phone has a problem with dust getting under the foldable screen, creating issues.

5 hours ago (via cnet.com)
Tesla's aging Model S sedan and Model X SUV just got a bit of an upgrade, now offering up to 370 miles of range on a charge.

5 hours ago (via cnet.com)
The wait was worth it. For Square Enix, at least.

5 hours ago (via cnet.com)
MIT researcher Joy Buolamwini says AI must do better at gender and skin color.

5 hours ago (via cnet.com)
If you're looking for a case for your Galaxy S10, whatever flavor it is, here's an assortment of our top picks.

5 hours ago (via cnet.com)
Seven seconds of a Marvel movie can decrease symptoms of spider and ant phobias.

5 hours ago (via cnet.com)
The CEO is a hammer and even life's littlest annoyances are nails.

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