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21 minutes ago (via go.theregister.com)
Revised proposals attempt to address worries over Manifest v3 API changesGoogle has proposed changes to its Chrome Extension renovation plan that answer some but not all of the concerns its Manifest v3 technical specification.…

1 hour ago (via cnet.com)
Twitter said the tweet violated its rules against making threats of violence or wishing for the death of a person.

1 hour ago (via cnet.com)
The news comes a day after Amazon said it was canceling plans for a New York hub.

1 hour ago (via cnet.com)
It's the same technology that helps power apps on Alexa and Google Home Assistant

2 hours ago (via go.theregister.com)
And said lifeforms include us humans on EarthIf you’re living in Earth's southern hemisphere, chances are you may be able to see some of the stars in a newly identified cosmic river that's flowed through the Milky Way for hundreds of millions of years.…

3 hours ago (via cnet.com)
One lucky Instagram follower will take home a Roku Express and a bunch of swag exclusive to DC Universe members.

3 hours ago (via cnet.com)
Here are all the best toys we saw.

3 hours ago (via cnet.com)
It's just in time for Samsung's Galaxy X folding phone reveal next week.

3 hours ago (via cnet.com)
Review: Forget Marvel. Netflix's latest superhero series doesn't hold back on getting superhero powers straight to your screen.

3 hours ago (via cnet.com)
Jump the fence already, Colton. The world is tired of the agonizing wait.

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