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Alt. News

8 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Mikael Thalen | "The perpetrators of the Barcelona attack are soldiers of the Islamic State..."

17 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Steve Watson | Networks claim Alt-left clubbings are 'preserving fabric of America'.

19 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Information Liberation | The media is refusing to show these videos (and many others) because, as Trump said, they're totally dishonest.

19 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Information Liberation | "The only thing that could make what happened in Charlottesville worse would be if we allowed a small number of people in power to make America less tolerant and less free in its aftermath."

19 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
John Whitehead | What should have been an exercise in free speech quickly became a brawl.

19 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Daily Caller | They aren’t interested in protecting America’s system of government, according to their own statements — they’re interested in destroying it.

21 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Charles Hugh Smith | The real demand for bitcoin will not be known until a global financial crisis guts confidence in central banks and politicized capital controls.

21 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
RT | Trump has long accused Amazon of not paying its fair share of taxes.

21 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Washington Post | blasts Trump’s response to Charlottesville.

21 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
CBNC | There's a ‘real danger’ tech will replace jobs.

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