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Alt. News

4 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Michael Snyder | Investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin is extremely risky, and experts all over the country are warning that people should only invest what they are willing to lose.

6 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Reuters | Protectionism is gaining ground and globalisation is losing its appeal, but India is open for business, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the World Economic Forum on Tuesday.

6 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Valentin Schmid | Early bitcoin investor makes the case for reserve currency status.

6 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Steve Watson | President acknowledges revelations that FBI agents were engaged in obstruction campaign.

6 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Paul Joseph Watson | Social media giant set to roll out new system that will bury more news content.

6 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
The Hill | “Thank you for your honesty Jim!”

6 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Daily Mail | President Donald Trump has said that he wants a 'big win for everyone' at the negotiating table just hours after signing a bill to end the government shutdown.

8 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Mediaite | A Michigan man was arrested after he threatened to travel to Atlanta and go on a killing spree at the main headquarters of CNN.

8 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Louder With Crowder | Face it, the only thing “toxic” in this whole kerfuffle is the left’s blatant misandry.

10 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Paul Joseph Watson | 45-year-old who had sexual relationship with migrant was "afraid he would be sent back to Afghanistan".

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