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Music News

Lily Allen, O2, Glasgow: 'more than alright, still'
submitted by mephisto 37 minutes ago (via telegraph.feedsportal.com)
After a four-year break, Lily Allen showed the UK what we had been missing, says Matthew Magee
Silence Corporation Releases "Sem Saída" Music Video
submitted by mephisto 57 minutes ago (via metalunderground.com)
Brazilian metal band Silence Corporation has a new video clip out now for the song "Sem Saída," which was directed by Otávio Dominguete. Silence Corporation consists of: Filipe Silva - Vocal/Bass Rafael Parada - Guitars Osvaldo Júnior - BassRead More/Discuss on Metal Underground.com
Spiralism Announces Debut Album "Chakras"
submitted by mephisto 57 minutes ago (via metalunderground.com)
2010 saw the formation of Spiralism, a group which marries psychedelic auras with a heavy and progressive execution. The band's efforts thus-far culminate into debut album "Chakras," which will see its Finnish release on December the 12th, 2014. Following this, the album will be released elsewhere in early 2015 via Inverse Records (Demonic Death... Read More/Discuss on Metal Under
Pain Of Salvation Posts Acoustic "Holy Diver" Cover
submitted by mephisto 57 minutes ago (via metalunderground.com)
The acoustic album "Falling Home" by Swedish progressive rock innovators Pain of Salvation is out now via Inside Out Music in Europe (North America will get its edition on January 13th, 2015). In order to celebrate the album's street date, another song off "Falling Home" has now been launched online. Check out the unique acoustic cover version o... Read More/Discuss on M
Foreshadow Announces New Album "Ashes of Forgotten Gods"
submitted by mephisto 57 minutes ago (via metalunderground.com)
Extreme metal band Foreshadow will begin the recording process for a third release on January 18th, 2015 at Red Room Recorders in Tampa, Florida. The album entitled "Ashes of Forgotten Gods" will be produced by Chris Brickman, who has worked on notable releases from Obituary & Lacuna Coil. A 2015 release is expected, but no date has been confirm... Read More/Discuss on Metal Underg
Without A Hobby Posts "Their Lies Become Truth" Online
submitted by mephisto 57 minutes ago (via metalunderground.com)
Without A Hobby is streaming the track "Their Lies Become Truth" online, which features Adam Cody from Wretched. The song comes off Without A Hobby's "God's Machine" album. The full track listing is as follows: 1. Freedom: A New Form of Slavery 00:53 2. Their Lies Become Truth 03:47 3. Havoc 03:16 4. Broken Soul 02:56 5. 10/4 02:37 6. Rise ... Read More/Discuss on M
Eleanor Releases "In Gloom" Music Video
submitted by mephisto 57 minutes ago (via metalunderground.com)
Japanese goth outfit Eleanor just released a music video for "In Gloom," a track which originally appeared on debut album "A Circle Of Lament." This version of the song was re-recorded as a bonus track for the album ?Breathe Life Into The Essence," featuring Japanese lyrics and re-arranged music.Read More/Discuss on Metal Underground.com
Broken Flesh Streams New Track "Cries Of The Dead"
submitted by mephisto 57 minutes ago (via metalunderground.com)
Broken Flesh just released new song "Cries of The Dead," which comes from an upcoming self-titled album that you can pre-order over at Go Fund Me here. The band also comments:"For Broken Flesh, 2013 ? 2014 marked the pinnacle of musical brutality with the release and tour support of our third release 'Warbound.'"Being that our goal is to co... Read More/Discuss on Me
The Constructor Streaming New Song "Vengeance"
submitted by mephisto 57 minutes ago (via metalunderground.com)
Mexican outfit The Constructor has a new single available for streaming online. The "Vengeance" track was recorded at The Sign Studios and can be heard in the YouTube player below. For more info on the band, head over to Facebook here.Read More/Discuss on Metal Underground.com
Space Mirrors Issues New Album Update
submitted by mephisto 57 minutes ago (via metalunderground.com)
Lovecraft-themed space rock outfit Space Mirrors is nearing the end of recording for new album "Stella Polaris," which will feature Marytr Lucifer (Hortus Animae) on vocals. The band today checks in with the following update:"Martyr Lucifer's 2nd and last vocals session for Space Mirrors' new album 'Cosmic Horror III: Stella Polaris' took place... Read More/Disc

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