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Music News

14 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Since he started working with superproducer Mark Ronson, Tame Impala's Kevin Parker has gone on to collaborate with other big names including Lady Gaga, SZA, Mick Jagger, and possibly D.R.A.M. And most recently, he seems to have hit the studio with rapper Travis Scott and prolific hip-hop producer Frank Dukes. There's no telling if any…

14 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)

14 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
As originally seen on Exclaim.ca.In the wake of the explosive Harvey Weinstein scandal, a number of people close to the producer have distanced themselves from him and condemned his actions. His brother Bob Weinstein, with whom Harvey started the Weinstein Company, has gone on record to condemn Harvey. Now, Bob has been accused of sexual harassment too.Variety reports that Amanda Segel, showrunne

14 hours ago (via consequenceofsound.net)
In support of the Brooklyn outfit's latest full-length, Painted Ruins.

14 hours ago (via consequenceofsound.net)
As part of an acoustic three-song set for Annie Mac's show.

14 hours ago (via consequenceofsound.net)
Sophomore album, Visions of Life, dropped just a few weeks ago.

14 hours ago (via consequenceofsound.net)
This. Is. Fantastic.

14 hours ago (via consequenceofsound.net)
She also dyed her hair blue.

14 hours ago (via http://metacritic.com/music/a-new-career-in-a-new-town-1977-1982-box-set/david-bowie )
The 11-disc compilation of music released by David Bowie between 1977-1982 features remasters of 1977's Low, Heroes, 1978's Stage, 1979's Lodger (in addition to a new mix from producer Tony Visconti) and 1980's Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) as well as a disc of B-sides and rare tracks.Label: ParlophoneRelease Date: Sep 29, 2017

14 hours ago (via http://metacritic.com/music/a-place-of-greater-safety-ep/luna )
The six track instrumental EP was released the same day as the indie rock band's full-length covers album.Label: Double FeatureRelease Date: Sep 22, 2017

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