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Two More Cops Shot After Yesterday's Brutal New York "Execution"
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Just a day after the premeditated execution of two NYPD officers in New York by a deranged, suicidal psychopath, two more police officers have been shot in America today. In St.Louis, an off-duty officer was shot multiple times and remains in critical condition while in Tarpon Springs, Florida, 45-year-old officer Charles Kondek - a 17-year-veteran and father of 5 children - was shot and killed ea
Meet Joe Lewis - The $200 Million "British Madoff"
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
In an oddly familiar echo of Bernie Madoff's massive ponzi collapse, The Telegraph reports, a currency trader has vanished along with £130  million in investors’ cash in an alleged fraud that could be one of the biggest in recent British history. Joe Lewis, 59, is being investigated by police over almost $200 million which he claimed was in clients’ accounts (incluidng professio
Maybe Oil Goes to $70 on its Way to $40
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog,A retrace that fills open gaps and kisses the 50-day moving average surprises everyone who was confident oil was heading straight down to $40/barrel.When the conventional media ordains oil inevitably dropping to $40/barrel, I start looking for something else to happen--like oil going to $70/barrel. There are number of reasons this isn't a
Wall Street Gets A Merry Christmas Main Street Gets Keynesian Coal
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Authored by Mark St.Cyr,Here we are going into what should be by all accounts one of the most festive times of the year. If one were to listen to most of the commentary coming from the mouths of what are proclaimed as the “smart-crowd” you would think we should be dancing in the streets, buying everything, and anything within arms reach, and much, much more.Yet, anyone who owns, runs,
Conrad Black: The Saudis Fear Western Alliance With Iran; Crashing Oil Is Their Retaliation
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Authored by Conrad Black via The National Post,Responses to the decline in world oil prices have been mystifying — flummoxing, in fact. The secretary general of OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries), Abdullah Al-Badri, said last week that speculation was to blame for the decline by 15% since the last increase in production. He ceremoniously denied that there was any attempt by
Why Germany Objects To ECB QE (In 1 Crazy Chart)
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
While "lowflation" continues to stun central bankers around the world, Zee Germans remain stoic on the sidelines (courtesy of Jens 'nein nein nein' Weidmann's last voice of reason left in the world) in their derision of the ECB's sovereign QE efforts. If you wondered why they are so vehemntly opposed to the printing of money... perhaps the following chart will help explain - just how quickly a nat
The Global Monetary Reset Is Under Way
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Via Zero Hedge comments from AI Tinfoil,The Global Monetary Reset is under way, but people have not noticed it yet.The key is the move to zero interest rates.Government debt almost everywhere is too high to ever pay off, let alone pay a traditional rate of interest on.  As debts come due, including as bond issues mature, the only option governments have is to roll over the debt and accumulate
The Hidden Leverage In "Shiny Objects" - Banks Sell Record Amount Of Equity-Linked Structured Notes
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Banks are selling a record amount of U.S. structured notes tied to the stocks of fast-growing, volatile technology companies such as Facebook and Twitter.As Bloomberg Briefs reports, sales of securities linked to Facebook soared to $457.6 million this year, more than double the $204.2 million issued during the same period of 2013. Bloomberg notes that investors are flocking to products tied to soc
Hacking Collective Anonymous Says FBI Is Lying, "North Korea Is Not Source Of Hack"
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Having confirmed unequivocally, in a statement by the FBI and reiterated by President Obama, that "the North Korean government is responsible" for hacking Sony, it appears the YouTube-less 'evidence' the FBI provided is being questioned by the hacking-collective 'Anonymous' and former Lulzsec hacker Sabu. As The Daily Beast reports, the hackers blasted, the North Koreans
The Keynesian PhD Brigade Strikes Again: Sweden’s Riksbank Joins The ZIRP Mania
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Submitted by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog,Folks, it’s a tyranny of the PhDs. Recently the central bank of Sweden was subject to a withering tirade by that oracle of Keynesian rubbish, professor Paul Krugman, who accused it of “sado-monetarism” for leaving the Swedish economy exposed to the mythical economic disease of “deflation”.So the Riksbank threw ca

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