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Austrian "Freedom" Party Demands Bailout For Swiss Franc Speculators (From "Monstrous Monetary Policy")
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
The phrases "it's just not fair" and "waa waa waa" were not seen in Austria's Freedom Party's statement demanding a bailout for Swiss-Franc-denominated borrowers (i.e. people who were willing to speculate on FX rates with their house as collateral in order to get a lower interest rate in order to afford a bigger home that they really couldn't afford in real risk-adjusted terms). What Austria needs
The Joyflation Of The Superbowl
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
2015 looks set to be the 'superbowl-est' Super Bowl of all time as far as ticket prices are concerned. As Forbes reports,next Sunday's game will be the most expensive NFL championship ever based on ticket resale price.The current average list price for Super Bowl XLIX tickets at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., is $6,500, making it the most expensive Super Bowl that TiqIQ has ever
Perfect Palo Alto
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
If for some reason you were to join me in my car, going about my daily errands around Palo Alto, we would in all likelihood pass the intersection of Alma and Charleston, and you might ask me who this guard was at the railroad tracks and why he was there:"Oh, he's there to make sure high school kids don't jump in front of a train to kill themselves", I would reply. And you, assuming you come from a
Aircraft Carrier Stennis Has Biggest Ordnance Onload Since 2010
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Nearly two weeks ago, we were surprised to read on the Navy's website that one of America's prize aircraft carriers, CVN-74, John C. Stennis (whose crew is perhaps best known for the following awkward incident), as part of an operational training period in preparation for future deployments, just underwent not only its first ordnance onload since 2010, but, according to Senior Chief Aviation Ordna
Chinese Yuan Strengthens As Industrial Profits Plunge By Most On Record
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
After 2 days of dramatic weakness in the Chinese currency, the Yuan is strengthening modestly at the open following the 8% plunge year-over-year in Chinese Industrial Profits. This is the biggest drop n profits since Bloomberg data began and points to accelerating weakness in China's economy - in the face of the very modest rise in GDP recently. Chinese stocks slipped from a small positive to a sm
Guest Post: Why I Fled Argentina After Breaking The Story Of Alberto Nisman's Death
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Writing for Haaretz.com, Jewish journalist Damian Pachter – who first reported on the death of the special prosecutor – recounts the intimidation, the sleepless nights, the agent who stalked him and his ultimate decision to head for Israel... "So here they are, the craziest 48 hours of my life..."Via Haaretz.com,When my source gave me the scoop on Alberto Nisman’s death
Goldman On The Myths & Realities Of Russia's Oil Sector
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Today's Russian downgrade pulled yet another raft of "smartest people in the room" to tell investors how screwed Russia is by low oil prices (and yet the US Shale industry is fine and will manage through this). However, Goldman Sachs prefers facts in its analysis of the Russian oil sector and concludes, investor concerns about the health of Russia's oil industry should remain mor
The Greeks Have A Simple Message To Europe
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Sunday's Greek vote for anti-austerity left-wing Syriza shows the people's eagerness to stop the current bailout scheme and renegotiate a deal that's more favorable for the Greek economy. In the next several days and weeks, we'll learn a lot more about the implication of the vote, and what new leader Alexis Tsipras is capable of accomplishing; but as  Bloomberg Businessweek reports, perhaps t
The Stunning Difference Between Unionized And Non-Unionized Wages
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
With the US unemployment rate having become a irrelevant anachronism from a bygone era, indicative merely of the record millions of Americans - increasingly those in their prime working years - who drop out of the labor force every year rather than the slack, or lack thereof, in it, even the Federal Reserve has been forced to admit the favorite BLS metric for generations of economists is now redun
As The Middle Class Evaporates, Global Oligarchs Plan Their Escape Form The Impoverished Pleb Masses
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,The middle class has shrunk consistently over the past half-century. Until 2000, the reason was primarily because more Americans moved up the income ladder. But since then, the reason has shifted: There is a greater share of households on the lower rungs of the economic ladder. – From yesterday’s New York Times article:&nb

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