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Ukraine Gives Russia 48-Hr Ultimatum Or "We Will Fight"
submitted by mephisto 3 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Ukraine's foreign ministry has given Russia a 48-hour ultimatum to explain its military exercises near the nation's border; or, as foreign minister Andriy Deshschytisa warns "we will now fight with Russia troops." As AP reports,Ukraine's foreign minister has blasted the Russian decision to start military maneuvers along Ukraine's border and said his country will fight any invading troops.&nbs
Meanwhile At The CBOE
submitted by mephisto 3 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
...The HFTs are providing so much liquidity they are literally making it rain. Courtesy of@EltLearn33@zerohedgepic.twitter.com/wWqc6i8sUN liquidity at the CBoe— EltLearn (@EltLearn33) April 24, 2014
A Stunning 80% Of All New York, Florida And Nevada Condo Purchases Are "All Cash"
submitted by mephisto 3 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Back in August of last year, we first reported data that not even believed at first, but has since been proven correct using existing home sales data, namely that a whopping 60% of all home purchases are "cash only." Furthermore, in the eight months since that post, our conclusion has also borne out as absolutely correct: ... due to the very thin marginal source of bidside interest (flipper flippi
The "Real Pain" Is About To Begin As Chinese Currency Slumps To 19-Month Lows
submitted by mephisto 3 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
The PBOC's willingness to a) enter the global currency war (beggar thy neighbor), and b) 'allow' the Yuan to weaken and thus crush carry traders and leveraged 'hedgers' is about to get serious. The total size of the carry trades and hedges is hard to estimate but Deutsche believes it is around $500bn and as Morgan Stanley notes the ongoing weakness means things can get ugly fas
Putin Silver 1 Kilo Coins Minted In Russia
submitted by mephisto 5 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Gold fell $0.60 or 0.05% yesterday to $1,284.40/oz. Silver fell $0.02 or 0.1% yesterday to $19.43/oz.  The Mint Refers To The New Coin As "1 KG Of Nobility"Spot gold bullion prices ticked lower today and gold is again testing support at $1,280/oz. A close below $1,280/oz will be short term bearish.Momentum is a powerful force and trend following traders and algorithms could push gold low
Gazprom Delighted By China Announcement Nat Gas Need To Soar By 150% In 6 Years
submitted by mephisto 5 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
It may comes as a surprise to many, if certainly not the country known as Gazpromia, that according to a government statement released on Wednesday, China will raise its natural gas supply to a whopping 420 ­billion cubic meters per year by 2020 on soaring demand due to urbanization, a government statement said on Wednesday. This compares roughly 168 bcm in gas used in 2013, which means someho
Martin Armstrong Asks "Will We Have Another 'Waco' In Nevada?"
submitted by mephisto 5 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
The Feds are gathering and have brought in hired guns. We are more likely than not headed into a military confrontation – the first since Waco. Keep in mind that Obama’s head of the Justice Department, Eric Holder now Attorney General, called the shots on Waco back then. He got away with it before – why not again?  There is a hope that if enough people show up the Feds will stand-d
Desperate Ukraine Pleads: "Red Line Has Already Been Crossed"
submitted by mephisto 5 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Ukraine's Deputy Foreign Minister Danylo Lubkivsky exhorted to US State department officials, "let's not look for further time frames," demanding "all necessary pressure" be applied now. The red line has already been crossed and, as Bloomberg reports,  Lubkivsky says he hopes U.S., EU don’t prioritize political concerns over moral ones and that the West will help with economic, diplomatic a
Bonds, Gold, And Yen Smash Higher As Stocks Tumble
submitted by mephisto 5 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Well that escalated quickly... USDJPY is collapsing... Gold and silver are well bid and Bond yields are tumbling
US/European Equity Indices Are Tumbling As WWIII Trumps Buybacks
submitted by mephisto 5 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
It seems potential WWIII trumps a buyback-driven exuberance in stocks...US indices losing it... S&P almost unch As Facebook plunges back into the red... and Europe is in trouble... Here's what did it...The order to use force against civilians has already been given, and if this military machine is not stopped, the amount of casualties will only grow,” Russian Defense Minister

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