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Record Labels

2 hours ago (via roadrunnerrecords.com)
We Are Harlot have debuted their video for 'The One' from their upcoming, debut album! Check it out and make sur eyou pre-order the record HERE.

17 hours ago (via armadamusic.com)
Coming Soon! There’s just something about the Lost Frequencies sound… It’s hard to put your finger on what it is that makes his tracks so addictive, but one way or another, you find yourself needing to hear this tune at least once more. It’s Armin’s immensely popular original (which was one of the world’s most […]

19 hours ago (via armadamusic.com)
There are so many things right with this record, that it’s hard to know where to start. Great lyrics, gorgeous soundscapes, perfect execution and Patrick Baker’s haunting vocals make for a standout tune. Manu Zain hit the nail on the head with “I Never Knew How”, and this fantastically chill tune certainly rewards repeat listens!

20 hours ago (via metalblade.com)
Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce the signing of Jersey-based aggressive hard rock outfit RETURN TO EARTH featuring the talents of Ron Scalzo, Brett Aveni, and Chris Pennie (current drummer of Coheed and Cambria and former drummer of The Dillinger Escape Plan). RETURN TO EARTH has already finished writing and recording Automata, the follow-up to...

20 hours ago (via metalblade.com)
Vancouver's BISON B.C. is set to release their 3rd album, and 2nd with Metal Blade Records, titled Dark Ages on April 13 and prepare for their upcoming tour with High on Fire, Priestess, and Black Cobra by playing a batch of dates with Shadows Fall and Baptized in Blood including two shows at the infamous SXSW festival. BISON B.C. also has plans set for...

20 hours ago (via metalblade.com)
Woe Of Tyrants' new album, Threnody, will be in the hands of fans by April 14th. To quench metal heads' collective thirst for quality shredding, our friends at MetalSucks.net will be hosting the exclusive premiere for the album's fourth track, Tempting The Wretch. The song is one that is likely to become a favorite and contains a new element for the band...

20 hours ago (via metalblade.com)
This Friday, horror movie site Bloody Disgusting will be running the exclusive premier of PRIMORDIAL's HD trailer for the bands upcoming, first ever 2-disc DVD All Empires Fall, which will be available March 16th through Metal Blade Records. Head over to Bloody Disgusting starting this Friday to check out the high definition trailer and if you like what...

20 hours ago (via metalblade.com)
In an announcement given to a "bunch of penguins", from the bowels of their Antarctic fortress, the world's sickest band, the mighty GWAR, has announced the continuation of their 25th Anniversary with a public event of colossal proportion - The Crack-a-Thon! "We are trying to raise money for the kids…not just muscular dystrophy, but retards as well, all....

20 hours ago (via metalblade.com)
Wisconsin's champions of thrash, Lazarus A.D., have unleashed their new video for the track Absolute Power from their critically acclaimed debut album, The Onslaught. The video, like their other two, was directed by Jason Meudt and Emmet Austin of Vision 4 Films. The video features a brutal underground streetfight; if you're a fan of metal and/or the movie...

20 hours ago (via metalblade.com)
Attention! Attention! What follows is an official transmission from GWAR's middle-level, not-so-secret, hulking Antarctic fortress of eternal joy and torment - O.K. here it is! "What's up freaks, it is your lord and master, Oderus Urungus, lead (and rear) singer of the world's (and indeed, all things) foremost schlock rock group band splat-tak-u-lar...

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