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Here's How Lily Rabe Joining 'Freak Show' Connects The 'AHS' Universes
submitted by mephisto 15 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
It has been well established that each season of "American Horror Story" functions as its own separate entity, but now two of those worlds are about to collide. First it was announced that Naomi Grossman's Pepper from Season 2's "Asylum" would reprise her role for "Freak Show" to reveal the character's origin story. Now, Entertainment Weekly has announced that Lily Rabe will join "Freak Show" as
Lindsay Lohan Commissions Naked Street Art Portrait
submitted by mephisto 15 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
This post originally appeared on artnet News. by Lorena Muñoz-Alonso The Marilyn Monroe-inspired portrait of Lindsay Lohan, created by street artist Pegasus Photo via: The Daily Mail Lindsay Lohan commissioned a naked portrait of herself à la Marilyn Monroe to London street artist Pegasus, the Evening Standard reports. The American actress, who is living in the British capital while she sta
Kid Rock Surprises Fan With Down Syndrome On His Birthday, Is A Real 'American Bad Ass'
submitted by mephisto 15 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
He might be a “Devil Without A Cause,” but Kid Rock also proved himself to be a real stand-up guy this week when he gave one of his biggest fans a wonderful birthday surprise. In August, Dan McGurk, who has Down Syndrome, posted a video on YouTube in which he invited his favorite singer to his upcoming birthday dinner. “It’s not until the 27th [of October],” McGurk said in the clip, sh
Miley Cyrus' amfAR Gala Dress Looks Difficult To Put On
submitted by mephisto 15 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Miley Cyrus left very little to the imagination when she hit the red carpet at the amfAR LA Inspiration Gala on Wednesday night. The event, which raises money for AIDS research, was held at Milk Studios in Hollywood. Cyrus wore a black Tom Ford dress with a sheer top and crisscrossed, sequined straps that gave the look a bondage vibe. Designer Tom Ford was honored for his philanthropic work with
Jake Gyllenhaal's World Changed, And Then So Did His Career
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Jake Gyllenhaal is on the kind of run most actors probably dream about. Since 2010 -- when he starred in a pair of derided genre films, "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" and "Love and Other Drugs" -- the 33-year-old has turned in a handful of fabulous and diverse performances. The peak of this stretch is "Nightcrawler," out Oct. 31, which finds Gyllenhaal playing an obsessive loner named Louis
Happy Birthday Henry Winkler! The Iconic Star's Greatest Moments On TV
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
To many TV fans, Henry Winkler will forever be remembered as the motorcycle-riding heartthrob named Arthur Fonzarelli -- better known as "The Fonz" -- on the popular sitcom "Happy Days." But Winkler, who turns 69 on Oct. 30, has since gone on to produce TV shows, direct movies, and write the popular book series starring Hank Zipzer, a fictional boy who has problems with reading and math. The cele
T-Pain Singing Without Auto-Tune Is Beautiful
submitted by mephisto 18 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
T-Pain stopped by NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series to perform some of his classic hits (ahem, "Buy U A Drank"), without auto-tune. "This is weird as hell for me," he said. In the mid-2000s, T-Pain was known for his liberal use of auto-tune, but in the 13-minute video below, he displays a natural talent. Next week, he'll release a greatest hits album. That one will feature auto-tune.
'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Episode 4 Recap: The Trials Of Twisty
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
*** WARNING: Contains spoilers! Please do not read on unless you've seen Episode 4 of "American Horror Story: Freak Show," titled "Edward Mordrake (Part 2)." Or if you don't mind spoilers, go right ahead! *** I'm hard-pressed to think of a another TV show that's ever mixed such random, senseless violence with moments of heart-tugging sincerity. It's legitimately insane how "American Horror Story:
Boy George Reveals The Surprising Thing That People Always Ask Of Him
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
There's never a shortage of questions to ask Boy George, but there is one homosexuality-related inquiry that the music icon hears all the time. During a conversation with HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani on Wednesday, Boy George was asked if people ever use the occasion of meeting him to come out of the closet, as Melissa Etheridge has said is often the case in her life. That specifica
Suge Knight And Katt Williams Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Photographer's Camera
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Hip-hop mogul Marion "Suge" Knight and comedian Micah "Katt" Williams have been arrested for allegedly stealing a camera from a celebrity photographer. The Los Angeles County district attorney's office charged both men on Wednesday with one count of robbery for allegedly taking a camera from a woman outside a Beverly Hills studio on September 5. Knight, the co-founder of Death Row Records, face

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