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This Could Be Our Favorite Best-Dressed List Of The Year
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
In case you didn't get the memo, this fall is all about white. While light colors are traditionally worn in the warmer months, it's nice to see them in the fall amongst all the burgundy and navy. This week, most of Hollywood donned varying shades of the white. Lily Collins was a showstopper in a crop top and wide-leg pants (and in another look!), Blake Lively wowed in a cream gown and Michelle M
The Stars On This Week's Worst Dressed List Failed In Brown
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Neutral colors are usually a safe bet when it comes to getting dressed, but brown is one of the trickier hues to pull off -- especially on the red carpet. Jessie J picked a bad shade of the color for an appearance at the MOBO Awards, while actress Jess Weixler should not have worn the hue head-to-toe -- especially in a metallic. Check out the worst-dressed celebrities of the week and let us kn
Why We Should Care Very Deeply About Renée Zellweger
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
When photos were released of Hollywood darling Renée Zellweger on the red carpet at Elle's 21st annual Women in Hollywood Awards, the Twittersphere and blogosphere and any other sphere with an Internet connection was all like, "OMG what? LOL who iz this, is she like wearing a mask or sumthing, srsly, WTF happened to Jerry Maguire's GF?!?!?!?!" Luckily, we live in a day and age when people can im
What Tony Robbins Carries in His Wallet
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
By Christina Lavingia, Editor Successful entrepreneurs are able to turn a single idea into a profitable business -- so it makes sense that they'd be as good at making themselves wealthy as others.  Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, Victor Riccardi, Josh Felber and John Rampton are all advisers, entrepreneurs and career coaches who know how to make people and businesses successful. So what do
Sofia Vergara Talks Latino Representation On Television
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Over the years Sofía Vergara’s “Modern Family” character, Gloria, has been heavily criticized for perpetuating stereotypes of Latinas. But now the Colombian actress is saying she helped the show’s writers become more culturally aware and that television could use more Latin writers. Recently the actress spoke to Time Magazine as part of the Follow The Script campaign, which raises aware
Are Chris Evans And Minka Kelly Back Together?
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
What's old just might be new again for Chris Evans and Minka Kelly. On Tuesday, the former couple spent their afternoon in LA together, hopping into Chris's car to make a quick stop at Hugo's Tacos.
Amber Rose Tweets Wiz Khalifa After Split: 'I Still Love You No Matter What'
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
They may be separated, but there still is love between Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose. On Tuesday, Rose received birthday wishes from her estranged husband on Twitter and responded with an equally sweet tweet back to the rapper: @wizkhalifa Thank u Sweetheart #StillLoveYouNoMatterWhat ❤️— Amber Rose (@DaRealAmberRose) October 21, 2014 What a difference a few weeks make. The tweet is a far c
Leslye Headland Is The Next Big TV Writer For The Modern Woman (And Everyone Else, Too)
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Television has never been an amazing source of three-dimensional female characters. For decades, the medium has relied on one-note stereotypes: the good girl, the temptress, the rebel, the know-it-all. But in the past few years, a new crop of shows -- "The Good Wife," "Orange Is the New Black," "Transparent" -- has emerged, showing that realistic women actually blur these lines. And now there may
11 Wonderfully Weird Facts You Might Not Know About 'Weird Al' Yankovic
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Get out your accordion, crank up the weirdness, and get ready to laugh because today is "Weird Al" Yankovic's birthday! Our beloved prince of parody turns 55 today, so we thought we'd share 11 tidbits about Weird Al that you might not know. Check them out below!
Honey Boo Boo's Mom Is Allegedly Dating A Child Molester
submitted by mephisto 1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
The mother of reality TV star "Honey Boo Boo" is allegedly dating a man who spent 10 years in prison for aggravated child molestation. TMZ reports that "Mama June" Shannon is dating Mark McDaniel, 53, who was convicted of forcing oral sex on an 8-year-old. The site obtained a photograph allegedly showing the pair sitting on a bed in a hotel room. They have been dating for a "few months," TMZ re

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