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Kris Jenner Hospitalized After Suffering 'Internal Pains'
submitted by mephisto 19 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Kris Jenner was hospitalized for "internal pain" on Wednesday, April 16, reports E! News. A source close to Jenner confirmed to The Huffington Post that Jenner was indeed hospitalized, while an insider told E! that the 58-year-old momager "went to the hospital for some internal pains she was having," and "got a scan for precautionary reasons." At this time Jenner is choosing to keep the details
Daniel Franzese, 'Mean Girls' Star, On His Character Damian's Sexuality
submitted by mephisto 19 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Actor Daniel Franzese marked the tenth anniversary of "Mean Girls" with an exclusive Cosmopolitan interview, offering some long-overdue insight into the sexuality of his wisecracking, "almost too gay to function" character, Damian. "[Director Mark Waters's} whole position on Damian was that Damian probably doesn't realize he’s gay yet," Franzese told Cosmopolitan's Alex Rees. "I mean, he knows
5 Sexy Celebs That Are Hardly Celebs Anymore
submitted by mephisto 21 hours ago (via hecklerspray.com)
Hollywood has been jam packed with young, sexy celebrities who hit the scene, quickly become It Girls and Heart throbs, dominate bullshit magazines like Seventeen, then hit their late 20s/early 30s and basically become completely insignificant, because, let’s face it, you were never that talented, just new, young, and sexy. I mean, remember when Megan Fox […] 5 Sexy Celebs That Are Ha
Kendall Jenner Shares Picture Of 'The Little Angel,' North West
submitted by mephisto 22 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Everybody now .... AWWW. Kendall Jenner took to Instagram on Wednesday, April 16, to share a photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's little bundle of joy, North West. In the picture, Khloe Kardashian holds her niece, who is wearing mini angel wings on her onesie. "The little angel," Jenner wrote. Khloe also shared the sweet snapshot on her Instagram account. This is the first picture we'v
A 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Sequel Is Happening
submitted by mephisto 22 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Slam a cake in your face and call it a beauty treatment because "Mrs. Doubtfire" is getting a sequel. The Hollywood Reporter announced that a follow-up to the 1993 comedy is in the works, and that Robin Williams is on board to reprise his role as the divorced dad-turned-cross-dressing housekeeper. Chris Columbus will be back in the director's chair with David Berenbaum ("Elf") attached to write t
Paris Hilton's See-Through Purse Is Filled With Cash
submitted by mephisto 22 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Everyone knows Paris Hilton has money, and now everyone knows she carries that money around with her. Hilton toted a see-through purse with a bunch of cash inside while running errands in Beverly Hills on Wednesday, April 16. The 33-year-old was photographed by paparazzi after leaving a hair salon. The contents of her purse -- including at least one $100 bill, multiple $20 bills, sunglasses and
Victoria Beckham Is Way More Normal Than You Think
submitted by mephisto 22 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Aside from being Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham has become famous for her successful career in fashion, her almost too cute family ... and her ever-present scowl. But upon some further examination, it seems like Mrs. Beckham is actually way more normal (and dare we say funny?) than you might think. In honor of the designer's 40th birthday, here's proof that Victoria is just like us. Kind of. She
New Pictures Of Paul Walker Before He Was Famous Surface
submitted by mephisto 22 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Paul Walker will always be remembered as the blue eyed, blond haired, California heartthrob. But before he became movie star is was just the all-American boy next door with floppy hair and that bright big smile from Sunland, Calif.
Jennifer Garner's Birthday Will Be Spent At A Talent Show
submitted by mephisto 22 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Happy birthday, Jennifer Garner! The "Dallas Buyers Club" actress, who starred in hit shows like "Felicity" and "Alias" (duh) and beloved movies like "Pearl Harbor" and "Dude, Where's My Car?" (yes, really), is turning 42 on Thursday, April 17. And although she may be an A-list superstar these days -- not to mention she's married to Ben Affleck -- Garner was a fresh-faced Hollywood newbie when
Pharrell Williams Tells Oprah About The Big Mistake He Made On His First Solo Album (VIDEO)
submitted by mephisto 22 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Before Pharrell Williams took over the airwaves with hits like "Happy," "Blurred Lines" and "Get Lucky," he had a successful career behind the scenes as a writer and producer, working with artists such as Jay-Z, Britney Spears and Madonna. Now, the Grammy winner is a household name in his own right, which he admits is a dream he had given up on more than a decade ago. "That kept getting rained on

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