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Music Reviews

21 minutes ago (via npr.org)
The Washington Post's Philip Kennicott suffered his mother's harsh words and actions throughout childhood. His book is partly a need to acknowledge her "sadness and anger and unaccountable rages."

29 minutes ago (via theguardian.com)
Dave’s powerful performance at the Brit awards was a landmark moment for the music and politics of black BritainDave’s performance of his song Black at the Brit awards marked the moment that grime truly gave full-throated and undeniable voice to the politics of black Britain.Related: Dave attacks Boris Johnson in Brit awards performance: 'Our prime minister's a real racist'Continue reading...

29 minutes ago (via theguardian.com)
Claire Boucher has spent a decade battling the press to reclaim her reputation. Dating Elon Musk means she’s never been more controversial – but could her new album set her free?Grimes has always had a tortured relationship with visibility. No sooner had Claire Boucher broken beyond the Montreal warehouse scene at the turn of the 2010s than she was telling journalists that she only fronted her

29 minutes ago (via theguardian.com)
TMZ reports that two masked and hooded men attacked the rapper, regarded as one of the most promising talents in the USNew York rapper Pop Smoke has been shot and killed in an apparent home invasion incident, according to multiple sources speaking to NBC and TMZ.The rapper, real name Bashar Jackson, 20, was at home in Hollywood, Los Angeles, when two men wearing hoodies and masks entered the house

2 hours ago (via theguardian.com)
Cafe Oto, LondonOver 40 years since they formed, the no-wave group meld abrasive guitars into an almighty cacophonyVeterans of a mid-80s underground scene that raised atonal, oppressive noise to a vital artform, Ut have retained their ability to unsettle and inspire more than 40 years after they first formed. And while this rare live outing, celebrating the reissue of their 1987 no-wave landmark I

8 hours ago (via noripcord.com)
While Kevin Parker's fourth album as Tame Impala is undeniably an electronic pop album, it doesn’t teeter so far off into club banger territory that it taints their established aesthetic. Rather, it accentuates their love for sonic texture.Kevin Parker is consistently out of step with musical trends, and it’s one of the best things he has going for him. Back around the tu

8 hours ago (via allaboutjazz.com)
Franz Koglmann must be a connoisseur of vinification, i.e. winemaking, because his Fruits Of Solitude has the feel of a master vintner at work. Specifically, wine blends like Super Tuscans or Côtes du Rhônes mark his amalgam of European chamber music and American jazz... [ read more ]

8 hours ago (via allaboutjazz.com)
Under the moniker Hymn, the British threesome of trumpeter Chris Dowding, violinist Sylvia Hallett and electronicist David Ross present extemporized slices of understated minimalism distinguished by aching melodies emerging from a granular scratchy undertow... [ read more ]

8 hours ago (via allaboutjazz.com)
Raquel Cepeda, prominent member of the Houston Jazz Mafia, drops her second recording, Passion: Latin Jazz, as a follow up to her exceptional debut, I'm Confessin' (Peonia Music, 2013)... [ read more ]

8 hours ago (via allaboutjazz.com)
Back in the day, jazz bands like Roy Ayers' Ubiquity and soul bands like the Ohio Players played more than jazz and soul. Jazz and soul were their main ingredient, but only one ingredient among others stirred in from RandB, funk, pop, Latin and other music... [ read more ]

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