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6 hours ago (via arstechnica.com)
A test given to students in multiple countries shows that the US does quite well.

12 hours ago (via arstechnica.com)
You can visit the Hawaiian ranch where Kong: Skull Island, Krippendorf's Tribe once filmed.

15 hours ago (via arstechnica.com)
A "lackluster" 2016 demo gradually evolved into successful blind comparison tests today.

15 hours ago (via arstechnica.com)
Get ready to devour some villagers.

15 hours ago (via arstechnica.com)
If the original Versa was overkill for you, the Versa Lite may be a better option.

15 hours ago (via arstechnica.com)
Two-thirds of the US is at risk for "major to moderate" flooding this spring.

1 day ago (via go.theregister.com)
Org does to privacy what hurricanes did to your houseDisaster relief org FEMA has admitted, conveniently on a Friday night, to accidentally leaking banking details and other personal information of 2.3 million hurricane and wildfire survivors.…

1 day ago (via go.theregister.com)
What interesting timingUS prosecutors have slapped three more criminal charges on ex-Autonomy chief exec Mike Lynch, accusing him of securities and wire fraud regarding HP's acquisition of his company.…

1 day ago (via arstechnica.com)
Late out of the gates, the SB-1 Defiant is a (mostly) all-new kind of helicopter.

1 day ago (via arstechnica.com)
"We can figure out what kinds of rewards you like, and the kinds you don't."

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