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Record Labels

2 hours ago (via armadamusic.com)
With Armin’s smashing Tomorrowland Belgium DJ set still fresh in your memory, you’d probably love to hear the monstrous tunes he played again. But oh my, what a coincidence! It’s your lucky day, because that’s exactly what we’ve got in store for you! Listen below or head over to the Armin @ Tomorrowland playlist on […]

4 hours ago (via armadamusic.com)
Starting off with an impeccable atmosphere, it’s as if the combination of LTN and Kimberly Hale was ‘Meant To Be’. The gorgeous plucks and lush chords blend in perfectly with the soothing rhythm while Kimberley’s mesmerizing vocals enter the mix, you can’t wait to hit replay again. Ready to amaze the world from its very […]

6 hours ago (via armadamusic.com)
Returning to the Armada Deep imprint with their second single, Dutch born producer duo Ducked Ape teams up with L’s for a extraordinary record with a startling amount of potential. With L’s vocals applying an extra dose of groove and warmth to the incredible tune, ‘Sinner’ makes for an foolproof and state-of-the-art piece of music, […]

23 hours ago (via armadamusic.com)
Elephante recently shook up the Armada office with a smashing single feat. Rumors: ‘I Want You’. That’s reason enough to surprise you with a smashing Elephante Guest Mix on Armada Night Radio, alongside the regulars: the Armada Night Radio Mix and the Armada Stream 40 Top 3! You can listen to this, and all previous […]

1 day ago (via armadamusic.com)
Are you one of the future building blocks of our labels? Do you eat ‘stress’ for breakfast and is planning your mid-day snack? Are you up to the task and ready to be part of the Armada Music team, bringing along your unparalleled passion for dance music and related work experience? Then we are looking […]

1 day ago (via armadamusic.com)
His poutine was starting to congeal. Cold poutine is not a pretty sight, and it’s widely regarded by the fair citizens of Montreal to be one of the worst crimes against late-night, post-party humanity. Coagulated cheese curds are disgusting, yet still, he didn’t care. His Tim Horton’s coffee was tepid at best, and a half-eaten […]

1 day ago (via afm-records.de)
Wer PYOGENESIS im Januar 2016 auf einer der folgende Club Shows sehen möchte, sollte sich besser jetzt schon ein Ticket reservieren: 06.01.2016 (GER) Hamburg, Knust 07.01.2016 (GER) Berlin, Lido 08.01.2016 (GER) München, Backstage 09.01.2016 (GER) Dortmund, FZW  

1 day ago (via afm-records.de)
Die ungarischen Neo Thrasher EKTOMORF werkeln gerade eifrig an ihrem neuen Album, das erneut von Tue Madsen (AntfarmStudios, Dänemark) produziert wird. Diesmal hat man sich (für einen passenweise "Evil By Nature" betitelten Song) einen besonderen Gast eingelagen: nämlich niemand Geringeren als Death Metal-Legende George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher (Cannibal Corpse)! EKTOMORF Frontmann Zoli: "W

1 day ago (via afm-records.de)
Das neue Album "CO2" wird am 28. August erscheinen. Schaut euch das Video zur ersten Single "Plasma" hier an:

1 day ago (via afm-records.de)
Hafrsfjord an Norwegens Westküste. A.D. 873. Wisst ihr, was da passierte? LEAVES' EYES entführen euch auf ihrem neuen Album "King Of Kings" genau dort hin - für einen kleinen Exkurs in früher norwegischer Geschichte und zu Harald Hårfagre, der als erster König Norwegens gilt. Diese Produktuion ist ein einzigartiger Soundtrack, eine beeindruckende Erfahrung...

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