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1 day ago (via armadamusic.com)
If you worry too much, Matt Meler is the cure you need. The newest track by the Australian based producer features the groovy beats and basslines needed to get your mind of things. ’If You Worry’ embodies his vision on life, spending his time with drinking cheap red wine and eating cheese out of a tub, […]

1 day ago (via wmg.com)
 Warner Bros. Records Bolsters Brand Partnerships & Creative Synch Licensing Team-04/17/2015

2 days ago (via armadamusic.com)
Andrew Rayel needs no introduction and Sylvia Tosun’s angelic voice is known in all corners of the globe. Together, they form an outstanding musical combination that has been a regular in Andrew Rayel’s sets. Finally, the time has come to reveal the names behind this secret gem! ‘We Bring The Love’ is featured on Andrew […]

2 days ago (via armadamusic.com)
For the next addition to Future Sound of Egypt’s outstanding catalogue, American producer Mitka teamed up with fellow-countryman Niko Zografos to bring you ‘Phoria’. There’s no denying the beautiful atmosphere of this tune, when the sweet melody takes you to places you wish you’ve discovered ages ago. Add the energetic remix by the undoubtedly skilful […]

2 days ago (via armadamusic.com)
Last month saw Armin van Buuren debut the awe-inspiring Mark Sixma Remix of his brand new single with internationally acclaimed artist, Mr. Probz. Since the initial premier of ‘Another You’, during his mainstage set at Ultra Music Festival, fans all around the world have been frantically holding their breaths for the much anticipated Original Mix. […]

2 days ago (via armadamusic.com)
As the desire to enjoy a serene summer evening grows, so does the urge to relax, while the warmth of the sun rays caresses your skin and a slight sea breeze makes you drift away from reality. Here to help you cope with these urges, Armada presents the second instalment of Armada Chill. Armada Chill […]

2 days ago (via afm-records.de)
Nach ganzen neun Jahren Bandgeschichte und vier erfolgreichen Studioalben präsentiert die Melodic Hard Rock/Metal-Band EDEN’S CURSE nun ihr erstes Live-Album. Ursprünglich als Studioprojekt ins Leben gerufen, hat sich die Formation im Laufe der Zeit zu einem erstklassigen und ambitionierten Liveact entwickelt...

3 days ago (via afm-records.de)
Am 29. Mai ist es soweit: die Power Metaller IRON SAVIOR veröffentlichen mit "Live At The Final Frontier" die erste Live DVD/CD ihrer Bandgeschichte. Das DVD/2CD-Package im Digipak enthält die im Januar 2015 in Hamburg mitgeschnittene Show. Tracklist: DVD 1. Ascendence (Intro) 2. Last Hero 3...

3 days ago (via afm-records.de)
Mit ihrem neuen Album "Wieder Geil!", das am 22. Mai in den Läden stehen wird, haben WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER zielsicher einen neuen Heimathafen angesteuert: AFM Records. Den mixtechnischen Feinschliff der zehn Tracks erledigte übrigens kein Geringerer als Daniel Haniß, der ansonsten hauptberuflich die Sechssaitige bei ESKIMO CALLBOY bearbeitet...

3 days ago (via afm-records.de)
Anlässlich der USA-Veröffentlichung der EDEN'S CURSE Live 2-CD "Live With The Curse" hat die Band einen weiteren Live-Clip online gestellt; diesmal zum Song "Unbreakable". "Live With The Curse" ist in Europa am 10. März erschienen.

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