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Record Labels

21 minutes ago (via armadamusic.com)
As providing you with top of the line tunes is our main priority, we see it as our duty to give you a weekly update of one of our featured playlists, as those contain the very best records of the moment. With so many brilliant Trance records raining down on us, it might be easy […]

6 hours ago (via armadamusic.com)
Learning to sail is fairly easy — if you’re not worried about doing it well. Or at least that’s what The Bearded Man thought at first… “How hard could it be?” he said to himself as he climbed aboard the tiny Sunfish in the calm waters of Jamaica. Sure, he had a local guide to […]

6 hours ago (via armadamusic.com)
Audiotreats is growing into a regular of the Armada Chill imprint and for good reason. Their sweet and soothing creations are impeccable, and this brand new record is no exception. With ‘Mesmerize’ feat. Mia, their exploration of the Chill genre continues to grow and we’re already eagerly awaiting their next record.

13 hours ago (via armadamusic.com)
Ever blending groovy beats and fat synths alongside catchy melodies, Swanky Tunes bring one hell of a tune to their own Showland imprint. As mentioned in the track itself, this piece could easily become the favourite track of a disco evening just before closing time! But then again, it might just ensure that the party […]

18 hours ago (via wmg.com)
Note from Craig Kallman, Julie Greenwald, and Tim Fraser-Harding on Chris Squire-06/29/2015

23 hours ago (via armadamusic.com)
Disfunktion’s brand new album has been released last week and they’re ready to stir things up. Listen to their ‘We Were Young And Needed The Money’ guest mix, the Armada Night Radio Mix and the Armada Stream 40 Top 3! You can listen to this, and all previous episodes here. Armada Night Radio Mix 01. […]

1 day ago (via armadamusic.com)
KRONO is the newest sensation of the Bearded Man imprint and their vast musical creativity gave Michael and David Couderc the opportunity to release their very own studio album. In accordance with our high expectations of the brightly talented duo, ‘Metamorphoze’ is a spot-on, musical sensation. Ranging from the well-known beauty ‘Redlight’ to the atmospheric, […]

1 day ago (via afm-records.de)
Der Juni 2015 markiert nicht nur Glenn Danzigs Geburtstagsmonat, es ist zudem genau 5 Jahre her, dass das letzte Album  „Deth Red Sabaoth“ erschienen ist. Danzig und AFM Records haben beide einer weiteren mehrjährigen Zusammenarbeit zugestimmt, die schon im Jahre 2007 erfolgreich mit „The Lost Tracks“ begann...

1 day ago (via afm-records.de)
TRUTH CORRODED werden NILE und SUFFOCATION vom 29.08. bis 12.09. auf der “WHAT SHOULD NOT BE UNEARTHED TOUR” in Europa supporten. Die Australische Thrash/Death Band ist in der Vergangenheit schon mit KRISIUN, MALEVOLENT CREATION und VITAL REMAINS in Europa unterwegs gewesen und hat erst kürzlich SUFFOCATION, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE und DEW SCENTED in Asien supportet...

1 day ago (via afm-records.de)
Noch 46 Tage bis das neue Pyogenesis Album "A Century In The Curse Of Time" am 14. August 2015 erscheint. Um die Wartezeit ein wenig zu verkürzen, habt ihr nun die Gelegenheit, in alle Songs schon mal reinzuhören. Klick!

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