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10 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Bye, bye, bye to any doubt. Justin Timberlake celebrated his 34th birthday by finally confirming wife Jessica Biel's pregnancy in an Instagram that is almost too adorable for words: Thank you EVERYONE for the Bday wishes! This year, I'm getting the GREATEST GIFT EVER. CAN'T WAIT. #BoyOrGirl #YouNeverKnow #WeDontEvenKnow #WeAreTakingBets A photo posted by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlak

10 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Kendall Jenner is one lucky girl! Wearing a black and burgundy beaded cut-out top, red pants, and headphones around her neck, the 19-year-old model and "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star cozied up to "The Fault in Our Stars" and "Divergent" star and regulation hottie Ansel Elgort, looking sharp in a black suit and tie, for a photo shoot in Venice, CA, on Friday.

14 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Rose Byrne will return as Moira MacTaggert in the upcoming "X-Men: Apocalypse." In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, writer Simon Kinberg opened up about Byrne's role, which was first introduced as a love interest for Professor X in the 2011 installment "X-Men: First Class." "She’s a significant character in the movie,” he said. “We ended 'First Class' with Charles having wiped

14 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and you are frantically searching for some way to watch the game with all those friends you invited over at the last minute, right? That, or you are at home alone with a pint of ice cream. Either way, it's OK, and everything is going to be fine! It's actually super easy to watch the Super Bowl online this year. Just click over to NBC, and they'll have everything set up

17 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Saturday, Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was taken to North Fulton Hospital after being found unresponsive, reports CBS 46 in Atlanta. She was found in her home in a Roswell subdivision by her husband and a friend. The pair started CPR until officers and EMS arrived. TMZ reports Brown is now breathing. This is a developing story ...

17 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
HBO just debuted the "Game of Thrones" Season 5 trailer, but now there's even more news causing excitement in the realm. On Friday during a Reddit AMA, "Game of Thrones" star Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, was asked if any scene in the show was "particularly difficult" for her. As a response, Williams teased that her most intense sequence is coming: There's actually a scene in the coming

19 hours ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
No matter how many outlets -- from trashy gossip rags to (supposedly) reputable entertainment magazines -- make claims about Bruce Jenner's current "journey," as Kim Kardashian recently put it, citing however many anonymous sources "close to the family" (even if those sources turn out to be the family itself, which can often be the case), let's remember that Jenner has said nothing about what is h

1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Following his first Golden Globe win, for the track "Glory" from the film "Selma," John Legend, along with his fellow songwriter Common, are favored to win their very first Oscar. But before Legend gets there, he stopped by Sundance to perform a few Nina Simone covers following the world premiere of "What Happened Miss Simone?" Next up, Legend will perform at the Grammys, where he'll also vie for

1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Kourtney Kardashian is into waist shapers too, just like her sister Kim.

1 day ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
When Philip Seymour Hoffman died of an accidental drug overdose on February 2, 2014 at age 46, it felt like a huge part of the past two decades of cinema had disappeared as well, as if all the wonderful characters he created were on some level buried with the man who played them.

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