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There May Be Another 'Before' Movie & 5 Other Excellent Stories From Ethan Hawke
submitted by mephisto 47 minutes ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
"An Evening With Ethan Hawke" is an invitation as mysterious and elusive as they come. Does that entail eating filet mignon and chatting with the Oscar-nominated actor, or merely sipping wine in the same room as him? Well, as it turns out, a bit of both. The New York Film Festival hosted a cocktail and dinner reception with the "Boyhood" actor at Lincoln Center on Tuesday night in honor of his ne
Pregnant Kristen Bell Stuns On 'The Judge' Premiere Red Carpet
submitted by mephisto 47 minutes ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Kristen Bell turned major heads at the premiere of the new film "The Judge" on Wednesday. The actress wowed in a body-hugging black dress, which she accessorized with elegant dangling earrings and a classic black clutch. The star attended the event with husband Dax Shepard, who appears in the film alongside stars Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall and Vera Farmiga. The couple, who welcomed
Raven-Symoné To Troubled Stars Always In The Tabloids: 'That's Your Fault, Boo-Boo' (VIDEO)
submitted by mephisto 47 minutes ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
It's an all-too-common story for former child stars. After years of being known as a promising, young talent leaving a mark on Hollywood, a more adult version of them emerges with a very different public reputation -- one of a troubled, fractured celebrity that seems to be heading for a downward spiral, both personally and professionally. Some young people falter under the microscope of fame, but
Caroline Manzo: Andy Cohen 'Looks At Me As More Of A Mother Figure'
submitted by mephisto 47 minutes ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
She may have abandoned her "Real Housewives of New Jersey" post, but Caroline Manzo, star of Bravo's new show "Manzo'd With Children," has nothing but love for Real Housewives executive producer and Bravo figurehead Andy Cohen. "Andy and I have a unique relationship," the Manzo matriarch told HuffPost Live on Wednesday. "I think that he does look at me differently [than other housewives]." She
5 Things You Didn't Know About Charlie Brown
submitted by mephisto 47 minutes ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
It's trivia you didn't know, Charlie Brown! The first "Peanuts" comic strip was published on Oct. 2, 1950. Charles Schulz was 27 at the time. The cartoonist, who died at the age of 77 in 2000, was said to have lived a life similar to his character of Charlie Brown, often expressing feelings such as, "I think I've discovered the secret of life -- you just hang around until you get used to it." A
The Transformation of Justin Bieber From a White Youth to a Black Man
submitted by mephisto 47 minutes ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
In what took Usher most of his 20-year music career to accomplish, it took Justin Bieber just a short five years to reap similar financial success and actually surpass his mentor. Usher Raymond IV was an R&B phenom who started his career much like Bieber as a young teen and is among America's top selling artists. He saw something special in the young star during their initial meetings. But that do
This Might Be A Little Too Much, Snooks
submitted by mephisto 47 minutes ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Since we're talking about Snooki here, it's no surprise that's she's being way, way open about childbirth.
Jordin Sparks Takes A Shot At Jason Derulo's Breakup Comments
submitted by mephisto 47 minutes ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
It’s becoming a he-said she-said battle of words in the breakup between Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo.
David Letterman And Bill O'Reilly Take A Compatibility Quiz With Shocking Results
submitted by mephisto 47 minutes ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Did Hell just freeze over? Bill O'Reilly and David Letterman have definitely had their differences in the past, so, when the two took a compatibility quiz on the "Late Show" Wednesday night, it was pretty surprising to find out they actually have a lot in common. Letterman and O'Reilly covered all the essentials from whether they preferred boats or airplanes to if they liked cattle more than bis
'Take Home A Nude' Auction Will Let You, Well, Take Home A Nude (NSFW)
submitted by mephisto 47 minutes ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
It's that time of year again. The annual "Take Home a Nude" auction, organized by the New York Academy of Arts, is just around the corner, giving collectors a chance to bid on semi-affordable artworks by famous and emerging artists. And yes, the not so subtle theme revolves around nudity -- paintings of nudes, drawings of nudes, nude photography and nude sculptures. From Vito Acconci to Laurie Sim

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