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Music Reviews

29 minutes ago (via npr.org)
The nationwide analysis has concluded that probation and parole violations amount to nearly half of admissions to state prisons. The majority of those violations were minor infractions.

2 hours ago (via theguardian.com)
A thwarted deal with P Diddy left the Chicago house star ‘in a real dismal place’. But by reconnecting with the propulsive hip-house genre that he pioneered, he’s bounced back brighter‘Well all right, you squares …” So begins Mike Dunn’s 1995 house classic God Made Me Phunky, as if he’s settling into an acid-tongued children’s story. The track becomes a rambling tale of how God t

2 hours ago (via theguardian.com)
Singer says she pulled her performance because she felt ‘incredibly weak and full of anxiety’Jess Glynne has been banned from performing at the Isle of Wight festival after cancelling her 16 June set at the last minute. Festival boss John Giddings told the Mirror that Glynne’s behaviour was “shocking” and “shows no regard for people that bought a ticket”.He said: “She will never be

2 hours ago (via theguardian.com)
Nic Grecas and his wife, Tonia, are two of the 2.6m people over the age of 45 who go clubbing each weekWhen my wife and I go to raves, we’re usually the oldest people there – I’m 60 and Tonia is 58. There is one chap in his mid-70s who we see at events on a regular basis – and it’s not Mick Jagger, who was spotted partying at south London spot Horse Meat Disco last month.We are not alone

2 hours ago (via npr.org)
Listen to the songs featured on public radio's most popular music show.

4 hours ago (via npr.org)
Our Viking's Choice column has been a safe space (or a festering wound, depending on whom you ask) for metal, punk, drone and all sorts of "weird" and/or "loud" music. Check out the latest playlist.

6 hours ago (via theguardian.com)
Forty years after their debut album, the Manchester band continue to influence not just music, but graphic design, literature, film and more. Moby, the Killers, Jon Savage and others explain whyI initially saw Joy Division when they were known as Warsaw in 1977, but the first time I thought they were something extraordinary was watching them supporting John Cooper Clarke in June 1979. Live, Joy Di

6 hours ago (via theguardian.com)
Metal group cancel majority of forthcoming tour as frontman undergoes treatmentMegadeth’s Dave Mustaine is undergoing treatment for throat cancer, he has told fans. The 57-year-old frontman said that his doctors had “mapped out a treatment plan they feel has a 90% success rate”, which he has already started.The diagnosis has led the US metal group to cancel the majority of their forthcoming

8 hours ago (via theguardian.com)
Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody positioned the manager as the villain – but were they really that bad?Since both Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman have cashed in at the box office in the past 12 months, audiences are about to find out just how many heritage acts have a narrative arc with humble-enough childhoods and sufficiently deep rock bottoms. Michael Bay is combing the Guinness Encyclopedia o

8 hours ago (via theguardian.com)
Ellie White and Natasia Demetriou, whose new sketch show features their take on Ariana Grande, offer up some crucial adviceModern Toss on parody actsEllie White and Natasia Demetriou met at the Edinburgh fringe, went on to become a comedy duo and now, nearly 10 years of ridiculous stage shows later, have their own BBC Three sketch show called, um, Ellie & Natasia. Among characters such as trus

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