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p2p news

24 minutes ago (via feed.torrentfreak.com)
An artist who uploaded a parody cartoon to YouTube and received a strike against his channel following a Warner Bros. complaint has been denied the opportunity to fight his corner. MeatCanyon uploaded a cartoon featuring a creepy 'Bugs Bunny' and later appealed using a DMCA counternotice. YouTube, however, refused to pass the notice on and dismissed the claim. Drom: TF, for the latest news on copy

11 hours ago (via feed.torrentfreak.com)
In recent months the RIAA has tried its best to remove YouTube-rippers from Google's search results. While the search engine has deleted thousands of URLs, these actions have very little effect. The targeted sites remain the top results for the top keywords while traffic to the sites, including that from search engines, remains stable as well. Drom: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, t

19 hours ago (via feed.torrentfreak.com)
As cinemas around the globe continue their shutdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a number of movies are now enjoying early digital releases. Of course, many of these are also hitting pirate sites, with Bad Boys For Life, Bloodshot and The Gentlemen currently proving most popular with downloaders. Drom: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, torrent sites and more. We also have

1 day ago (via feed.torrentfreak.com)
The makers of the movie 'Hellboy' recently asked for $270,000 in piracy damages against the operator of the now-defunct torrent site MKVCage. While the accused man didn't put up a defense, U.S. Magistrate Judge Kenneth Mansfield recommended denying the request, as it's unclear how the movie company ended up at this figure. As a result, Hellboy must go back to the drawing board. Drom: TF, for the l

1 day ago (via feed.torrentfreak.com)
An anti-piracy memorandum aimed at removing allegedly-infringing content from search engines is beginning to have an effect in Russia. That's according to the chief of the Internet Video Association, an anti-piracy group representing the interests of numerous licensed online video distribution platforms. Drom: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, torrent sites and more. We also have an an

2 days ago (via feed.torrentfreak.com)
While the majority of The Pirate Bay users download recent content, there are quite a few older torrents that continue to survive. Today, the oldest of all - an episode from the Swedish comedy series "High Chaparral" - celebrates its sixteenth anniversary. Other older torrents, including a copy of the documentary "Revolution OS" and an album from the Swedish pop group Gyllene Tider, remain active

2 days ago (via feed.torrentfreak.com)
AMD has filed at least two DMCA notices against Github repos that carried "stolen" source code relating to AMD's Navi and Arden GPUs, the latter being the processor for the upcoming Xbox Series X. The person claiming responsibility for the leak informs TorrentFreak that if he doesn't get a buyer for the remainder of the code, he'll dump the whole lot online. Drom: TF, for the latest news on copyri

3 days ago (via feed.torrentfreak.com)
Strike 3 Holdings is continuing its quest against alleged BitTorrent pirates in U.S. courts. To show that a defendant is indeed the person who downloaded their films, the company recently started to use social media 'interests' as extra information. An interesting move, but not rock-solid, especially when the company tracks down the wrong person on Facebook. Drom: TF, for the latest news on copyri

3 days ago (via feed.torrentfreak.com)
A law firm acting for Nintendo of America has shut down a successful Kickstarter campaign for alleged breaches of copyright. According to the gaming giant, the fundraiser used characters and images from the Animal Crossing series without obtaining the necessary permission. Drom: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, torrent sites and more. We also have an annual VPN review.

4 days ago (via feed.torrentfreak.com)
A dark parody cartoon depicting a washed-out Bugs Bunny as a sex offender has been hit with a DMCA complaint by Warner Bros. MeatCanyon, a channel with more than 66 million views, has responded with a new animation in which characters mourn his passing, stating that since Warner claimed the content as its own, they have now confirmed that "Bugs was a struggling rapist all along." Drom: TF, for the

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