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Sidewalks And Skeletons Takes on ‘Bitches Brew’ for New Official ††† Remix
submitted by mephisto 27 minutes ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Here's an exclusive premiere of a new Crosses (†††) remix, 'Bitches Brew' done by the UK's Sidewalks And Skeletons.
Evy Jane - "Nothing So Great"
submitted by mephisto 27 minutes ago (via exclaim.ca)
With Evy Jane's Closer EP due out through Ninja Tune on August 26, the moody Vancouver electro-soul duo have shared the track "Nothing So Great." ...Listen Now
White Lung - "Wrong Star" (ft. Waxhatchee) (live video)
submitted by mephisto 27 minutes ago (via exclaim.ca)
Switching things up a bit, White Lung vocalist Mish Way recently toned down the punk fury of her band's Deep Fantasy cut "Wrong Star" through an acoustic collaboration with Waxahatchee's Katie Crutchfield. ...Watch Now
Counterparts - on Exclaim! Aggressive Tendencies
submitted by mephisto 27 minutes ago (via exclaim.ca)
Despite titling their third album The Difference Between Hell and Home, Counterparts vocalist Brendan Murphy says they don't really have a sanctuary where they fit in completely. Not that he's complaining: as he told Exclaim! TV in this Aggressive Tendencies segment, at least they've surpassed the "Canadian band" thing that keeps homegrown bands from breaking out of the true north strong and free.
The Tallest Tree - "I'll Be Your (For You)" (video)
submitted by mephisto 27 minutes ago (via exclaim.ca)
Cross-continental sweethearts the Tallest Tree released their debut single last month with the brightly crunchy "Boat," and now they've followed it up with another video, this time for "I'll Be Your (For You)." ...Watch Now
Tough Age - "Dream Date" (video)
submitted by mephisto 27 minutes ago (via exclaim.ca)
Tough Age's album cover for their self-titled Mint Records debut showed an affection for comic books, and the new music video for their song "Dream Date" indicates they have a similar love for anime. ...Watch Now
Vogue Dots - "Way Out" / "Thunder"
submitted by mephisto 27 minutes ago (via exclaim.ca)
Halifax duo Vogue Dots recorded their new single in an island cottage, although "Way Out" and "Thunder" don't feature the rustic palette you might expect to emerge from these surroundings. ...Listen Now
Waka Flocka Flame - "Lay It Down"
submitted by mephisto 27 minutes ago (via exclaim.ca)
Waka Flocka Flame's prolific 2014 continues as he lays it down on his new track "Lay It Down." ...Listen Now
Trash Talk - "The Great Escape" (video)
submitted by mephisto 27 minutes ago (via exclaim.ca)
Considering Trash Talk's new album is called No Peace, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the hardcore act's violent new video for "The Great Escape" finds the posse up to no good. ...Watch Now
White Fence - "Like That" (video)
submitted by mephisto 27 minutes ago (via exclaim.ca)
Tough times have apparently fallen on White Fence (a.k.a. Tim Presley), with the new video for To the Recently Found Innocent track "Like That" chronicling his struggles in the clink. ...Watch Now

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