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26 minutes ago (via disconaivete.com)
After what seems like forever after the Flatline-tease, our beloved holy pop trinity Mutya Keisha Siobhan returns with a new song Back In The Day. They whopped together a little retrospective and *pretty* incredible pop song - perfectly in harmony, the ladies do what they do best. No blazing guns or drops or whatever here: just really great pop music how it was once done (and is now done again), i

26 minutes ago (via go.theregister.com)
If you can proofread, edit and fact-check, we want to hire youJobThe Register is expanding in the States: we're seeking a full-time US Production Editor to work in our San Francisco bureau in California.…

26 minutes ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Kit Daniels | Americans more concerned about the color of a dress which went viral than they are about Internet takeover.

46 minutes ago (via clashmusic.com)
Tech-driven jungle workout...KNOX released 'In Dim' during the opening weeks of 2015, an enthralling return which matched future-facing production to some glorious melodies.Crystal-tinged, chrome-plated pop, the EP has now inspired a series of remixes. 'Thieving of Well Remixes 2' drops on March 9th via Boyznoize Records, comprising two radically different interpretations of 'Redline'.A fixture on

46 minutes ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
*Taking Back Sunday (http://www.absolutepunk.net/tags/taking-back-sunday/)*'s Adam Lazzarra, via OC Weekly (http://blogs.ocweekly.com/heardmentality/2015/02/adam_lazzara_of_taking_back_sunday_says_his_band_was_never_emo.php), which, okay: When asked about playing a song like "There's No 'I' In...

46 minutes ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
*Set Your Goals (http://www.absolutepunk.net/tags/set-your-goals/)* vocalist Matt Wilson did an in-depth interview with Lambgoat (http://lambgoat.com/features/interviews/168/Interview--Set-Your-Goals-Matt-Wilson), where he discusses the band's old label, Eulogy Recordings, and how they've never...

46 minutes ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
*Frank Turner (http://www.absolutepunk.net/frankturner)*'s book, 'The Road Beneath My Feet,' will be released on March 26th.

46 minutes ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Future Brown’s self-titled debut LP was one of our most anticipated releases of 2015, and the album’s utopian mix of American street rap and high-minded European electronica didn’t quite live up to its promise. Future Brown is good, but it’s not so good as to be critically bulletproof, which has led to some fascinating controversies […]

46 minutes ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Remember when Chvrches released their debut album, The Bones Of What You Believe? I barely do, because it seems like it’s been eons since I first heard “The Mother We Share” in 2013. The Scottish trio is six weeks into recording a sophomore album, but the “song” that they play for their manager upon his […]

46 minutes ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend has become one of those cultural fixtures that’s bigger than just the indie rock community. His Twitter feed is funnier than most professional comics, he’ll randomly show up on a song with Makonnen and Despot, and now Koenig is letting a cigar-smoking puppet dog insult him on TV. Who is […]

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