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28 minutes ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
The cause of death is currently unknown...

1 hour ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Sounds like: Bryson Tiller, The Weeknd, Gallant Song: Fabian Secon - RockstarWhat's so good?Rising R&B star Fabian Secon has teamed with one of the UK's most in-demand producers, 5ive, for the soon to be released collaborative EP Until We Meet Again. The EP finds the two London artists coming together for an enthralling four-track project spearheaded

1 hour ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Lifezette | An energized Trump returns to a White House where top staff are looking over their shoulders.

1 hour ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Daily Caller | Journalists around the world quickly ran with the story that Trump was snubbing his foreign counterparts, using the one tweet as evidence.

1 hour ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Daily Mail | 'You can't be angry for yourself.'

1 hour ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Daily Mail | The younger brother of Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi was planning an attack on a United Nations special envoy.

1 hour ago (via prisonplanet.com)
New York Post | The Obama administration politicized and weaponized intelligence against Americans.

1 hour ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Washington Post | Hamza bin Laden has vowed to seek revenge for his father’s death.

1 hour ago (via zerohedge.com)
Via The Daily BellImagine you are in a book club. For a few years, it was great, you liked the books and the discussion with members. But then, the club started reading steamy romance novels that you just weren’t into and would not entertain your opinions for other material. Finally, when you can’t relate to the discussion on the texts anymore, you decide to leave the club.But then, the book c

1 hour ago (via zerohedge.com)
One day after Donald Trump infuriated Angela Merkel and the rest of his G-7 peers, when the US president refused to endorse the Paris climate treaty, prompting the German chancellor to say  that “the whole discussion about climate has been difficult, or rather very unsatisfactory... here we have the situation that six members, or even seven if you want to add the EU, stand against one", Ger

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