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41 minutes ago (via gorillavsbear.net)
Chairlift's Caroline Polachek shares an expansive and immersive instrumental album of "functional" ambient music under the name CEP (her initials), via The Creative Independent. Entirely composed, produced, and mixed by Polachek, the soothing Drawing The Target Around The Arrow (she describes the album as "something for dance performances or yoga or just walking") is out t

42 minutes ago (via cnet.com)
When Google first purchased Velodyne's parts for its self-driving car project, it paid $73,000 per unit. Woof.

42 minutes ago (via cnet.com)
Yes it's surprising, but the best selling iPhone in the US is the newest model.

42 minutes ago (via cnet.com)
Social Cues: Also trending on social media is Novak Djokovic's upset loss at the Australian Open.

42 minutes ago (via cnet.com)
The Latch M-Series smart lock is a mortise-style deadbolt designed for apartments and businesses, and it's got a built-in camera to keep an eye on who's coming and going.

42 minutes ago (via cnet.com)
Even without additional power, less weight equals improved performance.

42 minutes ago (via cnet.com)
The professional network's much-anticipated redesigned home page for computers is finally in sync with its mobile counterpart.

42 minutes ago (via cnet.com)
With not one but two separate camera lenses stuck on the front, your selfies on the Vivo V5 Plus might be better than ever.

52 minutes ago (via clashmusic.com)
It's a reaction to Trump's ascension...Gorillaz have shared new track 'Hallelujah Money', featuring Mercury winner Benjamin Clementine.The cartoon collective clicked into gear last year, with Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett resuming their creative partnership.Said to be close to completing work on a new album, Gorillaz have broken cover with new cut 'Hallelujah Money'.The track was seemin

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