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1 hour ago (via rollingstone.com)
Singer delivers latest single without Brendon Urie for the first time

1 hour ago (via rollingstone.com)
Track appears on singer-songwriter's new LP, Assume Form

1 hour ago (via rollingstone.com)
Snapchat is the latest social media app to edge into the music business, joining Facebook, Instagram and TikTok parent ByteDance

1 hour ago (via rollingstone.com)
Longtime coach will be replaced by Gwen Stefani for the show's 17th season

1 hour ago (via rollingstone.com)
Track appears on singer's upcoming collaborations LP Threads

1 hour ago (via rollingstone.com)
Protest song will appear on Jane's Addiction frontman's upcoming solo LP, Kind Heaven

1 hour ago (via rollingstone.com)
"I love Britney so much and wanted to have it be a similar but more electronic rendition of her legendary song," she wrote on Instagram

1 hour ago (via rollingstone.com)
Cancer-stricken rapper will instead embark on solo tour

1 hour ago (via bbc.co.uk)
The actress denied dating Moby as a teenager, and called his behaviour "inappropriate".

1 hour ago (via news.avclub.com)
Although it lacks the big, flashy spaceship battles that mark the success of that other CBS All Access draw, streaming legal drama The Good Fight has quietly amassed a passionate following for itself, drawn in both by its pulled-from-the-horrible-screaming-headlines nature—this is a series where a major plot point…Read more...

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