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Why Giving Up Became The Most Liberating Thing 'OITNB' Star Uzo Aduba Ever Did
submitted by mephisto 1 hour ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Giving up turned out to be the most liberating thing Uzo Aduba ever did. The actress skyrocketed to fame last year for playing fan favorite Crazy Eyes on "Orange Is The New Black," but the day she got the call that she was hired was one of the lowest she'd ever experienced. In fact, just hours before, she had decided to leave acting behind for good. "I had quit the day I got this job [on 'Orange
All Joan Rivers Really Wants In Life Is For Famous People To Sit On Her Lap
submitted by mephisto 1 hour ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Joan Rivers is just misunderstood, you guys. People say that Rivers takes her jokes way too far, and that she simply stirs up controversy and hurls insults to stay relevant. But her Instagram account holds the key to the secret wish in her heart. Deep down inside, Rivers really only wants to be the Santa Claus of Hollywood. Skeptical? Just take a look at some of the people she's made sit on he
Ali Wentworth Would Happily Co-Host 'The View': I'll Talk 'Vaginas Until The Cows Come Home'
submitted by mephisto 1 hour ago (via huffingtonpost.com)
Producers of "The View," take note: we know someone who'd be happy to join your crew, and her name's Ali Wentworth. "Look, I'd be happy to do it if they offered it to me," the comedic actress told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker in an interview Tuesday. "Can you imagine? And they should, because I will talk about vaginas until the cows come home. And I used to guest host a lot, and I had such a gr
FCC chair accuses Verizon of throttling unlimited data to boost profits
submitted by mephisto 1 hour ago (via arstechnica.com)
Wheeler: Verizon must explain why throttling policy doesn't violate FCC rules.
Virgin Mobile lets you save money on your social media-obsessed teens
submitted by mephisto 1 hour ago (via arstechnica.com)
Pay just $12 per month for unlimited Facebook use, but limited everything else.
Nintend-OH NO! Sorry, Mario – your profits are in another castle
submitted by mephisto 1 hour ago (via go.theregister.com)
Red-hatted mascot, red-colored logo, red-stained finance booksNintendo is reeling after it posted a $96m loss on the quarter to June 30.…
Oracle cluster daddy jumps ship to NoSQL upstart MongoDB
submitted by mephisto 1 hour ago (via go.theregister.com)
30-year SQL veteran says firm is 'revolutionizing' databasesRoger Bamford, a pioneering database engineer who spent 30 years at SQL stalwart Oracle, has jumped over to the NoSQL side and landed in a new job at MongoDB.…
Cymbals Eat Guitars rock on in “Warning”
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via chartattack.com)
The only thing more refreshing than a crisp salad, is a good song. Here's one from punk group Cymbals Eat Guitars. Cymbals Eat Guitars rock on in “Warning” by Jordan Darville | Chart Attack.
New Review Update: July 30, 2014
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via punknews.org)
This John G bringing you another Wednesday Trivia Time! Who is this scrappy young lad? Hint: Look at those gnarly teeth!: Meanwhile, today's reviews are:Kate Nash / Joe Sib / Chris Farren - Live in HollywoodDikembe / Jazz June - SplitDirge - Hyperion
Chuck D announces solo album
submitted by mephisto 2 hours ago (via punknews.org)
Chuck D of Public Enemy has announced a new solo LP. The album will be called The Black in Man and will have ten tracks. It features the single "Give We the Pride" which features famed soul singer Mavis Staples. The release is out August 1, 2014 digitally. Right now, there do not seem to be plans for a physical release.

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