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3 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Original KORN drummer David Silveria sued his former bandmates late last month, claiming that his 2006 exit from the group was merely a hiatus and that he was rebuffed when he tried to return to the band in 2013. Silveria says he still has ownership interest in KORN and is asking a judge to force the band to reveal how much money they've made since he left so that he can get his rightful share.Sil

3 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Del James, a close friend of GUNS N' ROSES lead singer Axl Rose who also works as the band's road manager, says that Rose is not nearly as hard to deal with as he is portrayed in the media. During an appearance earlier tonight on "At The Fights", a boxing talk show on SiriusXM, James spoke about his relationship with Axl. He said: "I've been down with [Rose] since 1985. If the guy was as difficul

3 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
DEF LEPPARD guitarist Phil Collen has revealed that the band's "Viva! Pyromania" residency in Las Vegas, which was originally expected to take place at the end of 2014, will now not become a reality until early 2016. Speaking to the WRFX classic-rock radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina, Collen said about the prospect of returning to Las Vegas (hear audio below): "We are [planning on going

3 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
To celebrate Record Store Day 2015, legendary LED ZEPPELIN frontman Robert Plant will release a special 10-inch EP, titled "More Roar", which collects three performances from his recent world tour to support "Lullaby And… The Ceaseless Roar", Plant's new solo set with backing band SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTERS. The release will be limited to 10,000 copies and include live versions of "Turn It Up"

3 hours ago (via news.yahoo.com)
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Ezra Laderman, a classical music composer whose works ranged from symphonies to operas to music for Academy Award-winning films, has died. He was 90.

3 hours ago (via globalresearch.ca)
Two days ago, we announced that Dr. Niels Harrit, the distinguished co-author of the landmark nano-thermite paper, will be appearing in Danish High Court two weeks from now to bring an appeal in his libel suit against the Danish newspaper…

3 hours ago (via globalresearch.ca)
The kingdom of “Saudi Arabia” is going to behead a man for “apostancy” (renouncing his belief in Islam and the Quran) while welcoming Egyptian Al-Sisi whose security forces are torturing people to death in Egypt for being supportive of an…

3 hours ago (via globalresearch.ca)
Obama bears full responsibility for replacing Ukraine’s democratically elected government with Nazi lunatics. Russia’s lower house State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin said “(t)he guilt of the United States of America for (what happened) is considerable and obvious to the entire…

3 hours ago (via globalresearch.ca)
This is what one of the main US financial media organizations is saying about Russia and Putin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CksSslF5j8Y And this is what the New York Times does to Russia and Putin: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/02/opinion/masha-gessen-on-the-murder-of-boris-nemtsov.html?_r=1 This is the American Stephen Lendman’s response to…

4 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Labelmates The Geek x VRV of GRiZ’s newly founded collective All Good Records are no strangers to marry funk, energetic electro and sexy glitch hop vibes into one sexy conglomerate that is equals parts funky and equal parts glitch. The duo just slayed the stage with GRiZ in Paris during...

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