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4 hours ago (via jam.canoe.com)
Country star Shania Twain has cancelled two of her upcoming U.S. tour dates as she battles as respiratory infection.

5 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
What an incredible week this is!The post TV Musical Guests: Week of October 5th, 2015 appeared first on Antiquiet.

5 hours ago (via abc.net.au)
Disclosure, Flight Facilities, and The Wombats lead next year's massive Field Day line-up.

5 hours ago (via abc.net.au)
The full list of 2015 ARIA Award nominees has been released but a few artists have already won in the Fine Arts & Artisan ceremony.

5 hours ago (via abc.net.au)
The Sydney DJ takes a stand on social media against two sexually abusive online trolls, then wrangles the subsequent backlash.

5 hours ago (via consequenceofsound.net)
Perhaps one day the music legend will collaborate with a super computer.

5 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Earlier today, in its latest attempt to restore confidence in its brand and business model after suffering a historic stock price collapse, Glencore - whose CDS recently blew out to a level implying a 50% probability of default - released a 4 page funding worksheet which was meant to serve as a simplied summary of its balance sheet funding obligations and lending arrangements to equity research an

5 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
In the aftermath of the Fed's September fiasco, in which Yellen single-handedly cost the Fed years if not decades of carefully scripted "credibility", and more than unleashing a selloff has gotten us to the point where even Tier 1 banks admit that "market participants have started to question the effectiveness of monetary policy, with good reason", we were shocked to learn that at least according

5 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
“I don’t hide tattoos, I don’t take earrings out. I just don’t do that, because ultimately if you don’t like who I am, you’re not going to like what I do.”Who knows what that is supposed to mean, but it’s a quote from Douglas Merrill who, as Bloomberg notes, “has peacock feathers tattooed down his left arm, black fingernail polish, [and] chin-length hair.”Two other things Dougl

5 hours ago (via zerohedge.com)
Submitted by Dalan McEndree of OilPriceIs Russia Plotting To Bring Down OPEC?President Putin’s recent moves in the Middle East—to shore up Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria through deployment of combat aircraft, equipment, and manpower and build-out of air-, naval-, and ground-force bases, and the agreement in the last week with Iran, Iraq, and Syria on intelligence and security cooperation

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