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2 hours ago (via cnet.com)
Two US senators plan to introduce legislation that would equip every new car with technology to block drivers who are over the limit.

2 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Twelve years ago, someone from MTV called me and asked me to come into their office. I went. I met Ashton Kutcher in the lobby. It was weird.

2 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Here we have a meeting of two geniuses responsible for transforming the way many of us hear music. Dub legend Lee "Scratch" Perry has teamed with glam pioneer-turned-ambient icon Brian Eno on a new track called "Here Come The Warm Dreads." Sadly, it is not a dub remix of Eno's classic "Here Come The Warm…

2 hours ago (via punknews.org)
Mariachi el Bronx have announced they reissued their debut 2009 album Mariachi el Bronx (I) as a 10th anniversary edition. This re-release is on transparent smoke vinyl via ATO Records. MeB will also be playing next month at both The Fest and Flogging Molly's Salty Dog Cruise. You can check out a video of their 2012 NPR Tiny Desk performance, as well as those dates, below.

2 hours ago (via punknews.org)
The Coathangers have released a video for their song "Hey Buddy." That's off The Devil You Know from this year. Check it out below.

2 hours ago (via punknews.org)
Virginia based rockers Turnover released a new track from their upcoming album. The track is called "Number On The Gate" and it is the fourth single off of Altogether. The band will be touring the UK later this month. See below to check out the track.

2 hours ago (via npr.org)
The electronic jazz duo used a creative approach to recreate the melody of some of the greatest rock songs of the late '70s and early '80s.

2 hours ago (via nme.com)
The Philadelphia-based musician performed the track during a guest appearance on SiriusXMU(Sandy) Alex G / Shania Twain (Sandy) Alex G has covered Shania Twain‘s 1998 hit ‘You’re Still The One’ during a guest appearance on US radio — you can listen to his live performance of the track below. Alex G recently recorded a guest appearance on SiriusXMU where he discussed his n

2 hours ago (via nme.com)
The frontman also reveals how Nick Cave influenced their early daysGerard Way speaks at 2019 Los Angeles Comic-Con at Los Angeles Convention Center Gerard Way has spoken out about how starting My Chemical Romance became “therapy for me” following the 9/11 attacks in 2001. Speaking a recent Comic-Con event in Los Angeles, the singer spoke at length about the band and his career hist

2 hours ago (via nme.com)
Minaj said in an interview last night that the two artists had recorded "an epic song" togetherNicki Minaj / Adele Nicki Minaj has walked back comments she made in an interview last night (October 15) in which she claimed to have recorded a collaboration with Adele, saying that she was “being sarcastic”. Despite telling fans last month in a since-deleted tweet that she had “decid

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