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2 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Silverstein will tour the UK in December. Dates are as follows: 08/12 Southampton @ Talking Heads...

2 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Official press release: The Belgian deathgrind veterans Leng Tch'e have revealed new details behi...

2 hours ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Today Is The Day has announced July dates for their "Temple Of The Morning Star: 20th Anniversary To...

2 hours ago (via go.theregister.com)
Days of future pastRansomware saw a more than eight-fold (752 per cent) increase as a mode of attack in 2016, according to Trend Micro.…

2 hours ago (via go.theregister.com)
Lander exercise was 'very close' to a successThe Schiaparelli probe suffered a botched landing on the Martian surface as it briefly spun out of control, confusing the computer systems onboard, an official report concluded today.…

2 hours ago (via go.theregister.com)
Chipzilla says USB standard will be open to the worldIntel is pushing its Thunderbolt 3.0 USB port as the defacto input mode for future PCs.…

2 hours ago (via go.theregister.com)
Call proxy service aims to appeal to businesses with mobile workersCloud communications service Twilio believes software development doesn't have to play out like Groundhog Day, a film in which a man relives the same day over and over. For developers, that sense of déjà vu is a common experience.…

2 hours ago (via punknews.org)
Saint John, New Brunswick’s Right Shitty released on of 2016’s hidden gems with their debut album Bachelor of Arts on Monopolized Records. That album hit the right mix of gritty, raw-throated rock’n’roll, ranging from gruff Gainesville-styled melodic hardcore to a burnt-out low-fi take on 90s grunge. I’m excited to premiere two new songs from Right Shitty’s still-untitled follow up, s

3 hours ago (via prisonplanet.com)
Steve Watson | Almost three quarters want a “supranational organisation to make enforceable global decisions.”

3 hours ago (via bravewords.com)
Helsinki Art Museum (HAM), Tuska Festival and Tiketti Galleria present a unique project at HAM corner by the most famous Finnish rock photographer, Ville Juurikkala. Juurikkala documents the legendary band H.I.M. as they prepare for their farewell tour in his project titled H.I.M.: Right Here In...

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