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1 hour ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Elvis Costello may be decades away from his working-class pub-rock roots, but he still knows better than to cross a picket line. Right now, Costello is about to embark on his Imperial Bedroom & Other Chambers tour, a tour that’ll spotlight his classic 1982 orchestral-pop song-cycle Imperial Bedroom. But one of the shows won’t be […]

1 hour ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
The Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi’s new side project CRX are gearing up to drop New Skin at the end of the month. We’ve already heard the lead single, “Ways To Fake It,” and saw the band make their TV debut playing the song on Kimmel. Today we get the followup, “Broken Bones,” and it hints […]

1 hour ago (via go.theregister.com)
Your donation is insufficient. Please buy againApple has found a new way of punishing their customers for not spending enough.…

1 hour ago (via go.theregister.com)
Branch buffer shortcoming allows hackers to reliably install malware on systemsUS researchers have pinpointed a vulnerability in Intel chips – and possibly other processor families – that clears the way for circumventing a popular operating-system-level security control.…

1 hour ago (via consequenceofsound.net)
Post-rock outfit embraces adventure and optimism on its latest offering.

1 hour ago (via consequenceofsound.net)
Prosecutors say California man "used to love her," but "had to kill her."

1 hour ago (via consequenceofsound.net)
Lead single "The Castle" expected to arrive tonight.

1 hour ago (via rocksound.tv)
Here comes 'Mexico'. Danny Worsnop has shared a behind the scenes look at his new video, 'Mexico'. Check it out: Okaaaay...  You'll be able to see the rest of the 'Mexico' video on November 01. Danny's debut solo album 'The Long Road Home' is set for release on February 17, 2017 via Earache. Here's a taste of the

1 hour ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Lamb Of God has officially unveiled "The Duke," the title track of the band's forthcoming EP, via

1 hour ago (via tmz.com)
The NFL just issued a statement on the new Josh Brown documents from his domestic violence case -- saying the league repeatedly tried to get the info, but cops refused to hand over the information.  "NFL investigators made repeated attempts --…

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