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1 hour ago (via http://metacritic.com/music/chronology/chronixx )
The debut full-length release for reggae artist Jamar McNaughton features elements of electronic, rap and R&B music.Label: Virgin EMIRelease Date: Jul 07, 2017

1 hour ago (via http://metacritic.com/music/it/alan-vega )
The final solo release from the Suicide frontman before his death in July 2016 was recorded over six years with his wife, Liz Lamere.Label: FaderRelease Date: Jul 14, 2017

1 hour ago (via http://metacritic.com/music/power-of-peace/the-isley-brothers )
The debut release for the collaboration between The Isley Brothers [Ronald and Earnie Isley] and and Santana features 13 R&B cover songs made famous by such artists as Marvin Gaye, Billie Holiday, Curtis Mayfield, Dionne Warwick, and Stevie Wonder.Label: Sony LegacyRelease Date: Jul 28, 2017

1 hour ago (via cnet.com)
The HP CEO reaffirms her intentions to stay at the helm of the tech company.

1 hour ago (via clashmusic.com)
New track 'Komdu Með' is online now...Icelandic talent Högni has introduced new album 'Two Trains'.The musician is best known for his connections with Hjaltalín and GusGus, but turns solo with a project that reaches back into his Icelandic identity.The two locomotives Minør and Pionér were used during the construction of the modern Reykjavik harbour, and now lie silent close to the

1 hour ago (via clashmusic.com)
Time to revisit one of the foremost voices in UK street music...The Lurkers are one of the most important groups to emerge from the punk era.Formed in West London in 1976, they link punk's first wave to its more aggressive second, a street-edged take on punk's fury that spoke eloquently to working class kids across the land.Becoming the first band to be signed to Beggar's Banquet, The Lurkers argu

1 hour ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Sabella is back with sparkling synthpop offering "Fortress", her first release in over two years.>

1 hour ago (via feedproxy.google.com)
Aria gets passionate on slow-building synth pop epic "Hope">

1 hour ago (via zerohedge.com)
Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,When most people consider how many migrants have entered Europe in recent years, they probably assume that the whole continent is a beacon of tolerance and love for foreigners who are seeking a better way of life. But a more accurate picture of Europe would suggest that the only thing most Europeans are tolerant of, is their corrupt governments who aren&rsquo

1 hour ago (via zerohedge.com)
Content originally published at iBankCoin.comDianne Feinstein just hugged John McCain— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) July 28, 2017Chuck Schumer and John McCain shared fist pumps of victory after the 'Skinny' repeal of Obamacare narrowly failed with a vote of 49-51. McCain - the maverick who heroically flew back to Washington D.C. after immediately recovering from brain cancer surger

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