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30 minutes ago (via gorillavsbear.net)
Oslo duo Konradsen share their beautifully minimalist new hymn "Baby Hallelujah", and like last year's gorgeous "Never Say A", it's a stunning union of sparse piano with subtle atmospheric electronic production, haunting samples, and understated but undeniably powerful vocals that soar and ebb, coalescing into something warm and moving that sounds quite unlike anythin

30 minutes ago (via pastemagazine.com)
Soak up the New Track from Jess Cornelius, "No Difference"

30 minutes ago (via pastemagazine.com)
Covington Catholic Student Sues Washington Post for Defamation

30 minutes ago (via pastemagazine.com)
Amanda Palmer Addresses Abortion on New Single, "Voicemail for Jill"

30 minutes ago (via pastemagazine.com)
Watch Robert Ellis Play Songs from New Album Texas Piano Man in the Paste Studio

30 minutes ago (via pastemagazine.com)
Biden leads Bernie in Early Poll for First 2020 Primary

30 minutes ago (via pastemagazine.com)
Chris Hemsworth Will Play Hulk Hogan in the Weirdest Netflix Biopic in Memory

30 minutes ago (via kinjadeals.theinventory.com)
If you own a Nintendo Switch, Walmart is selling Splatoon 2, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Odyssey for just $45. This is a great opportunity to round out your collection with what are essentially must-haves for the system.Read more...

30 minutes ago (via news.avclub.com)
Nobody’s saying Chris Hemsworth isn’t built like a Greek god, but dude might want to swallow a few more vitamins before stepping into the banana-yellow boots of Hulk Hogan. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Thor himself is confirmed to star as the iconic wrestler (née Terry Bollea) in a new biopic from The Hangover director …Read more...

30 minutes ago (via news.avclub.com)
Emmy-nominated actor Idris Elba has sustained a thriving career involving an eclectic array of wonders, from racing cars to his successful turn as a musician and DJ (he’ll be at Coachella this year, if you feel like braving that scene to catch him in action). Still, it was always missing one thing - and no, where not…Read more...

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