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48 minutes ago (via npr.org)
The daughters of accomplished upright bassist Charlie Haden have reached back even further for inspiration on their latest album, drawing influence from the country roots of their grandfather.

48 minutes ago (via bravewords.com)
Speaking with Loud TV, Blind Guardian frontman Hansi Kürsch revealed the band is gearing up to hit the studio for their next album, which is due to start pre-production at the end of January. Kürsch: "The real production for the album will start around April, and what we have...

48 minutes ago (via bravewords.com)
On January 24th, legendary rockers Aerosmith was honoured at the MusiCares event ahead of the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Check out the CBS Los Angeles coverage below. Back in October 2019, Aerosmith made a surprise announcement onstage during their Park MGM Las Vegas residency, Aerosmith: Deuces Are Wild, revealing the...

48 minutes ago (via tmz.com)
Hollywood relationships can get weak ... but these hot couples -- with some extra encouragement from their partners -- are making sure they always put the work in to stay strong! From famous faces such as Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky, Jennifer…

48 minutes ago (via arstechnica.com)
Family drama turns to bonkers body horror so gradually you hardly notice.

58 minutes ago (via theguardian.com)
Mixing Afrobeats and electronics, Nigerian-born Londoner Steven Umoh makes music befitting a self-styled ‘king’Much of London’s recent music output is indebted to west Africa. Whether it’s the way that contemporary Nigerian pop genre Afrobeats has melded with rap and dancehall to create the breezy Afroswing that has become a chart mainstay, or the burgeoning jazz scene that pulses with the

58 minutes ago (via theguardian.com)
Yes, ManchesterCerebral, eclectic and occasionally wordy, the gnarly rock of Black Country, New Road is a richly Generation Z experienceThere are, apparently, seven people on stage, making what sounds like eastern Mediterranean rave music. The lighting (of which there is little) and the dry ice (more copious) help to wrap Black Country, New Road in a haze of unreality.Through the fog, the outline

58 minutes ago (via chorus.fm)
I listen to every artist that sponsors this website. I like to know what kind of style of music they’re playing and how I think it’ll fit with our audience. After hearing the new album from John Allred, I added multiple other albums from his discography into my collection on Apple Music. From the two […]

1 hour ago (via music.avclub.com)
This week’s AVQ&A comes from editorial coordinator Gwen Ihnat:

1 hour ago (via bbc.co.uk)
Top artist Mark Wallinger has become a school's artist-in-residence to fight for more creativity.

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