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Name: Elephant
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Published/Updated: 17 May 2007, 19:43

Biography: There is more than one band under the name Elephant:

1.) Elephant is a band from London, made up of Amelia Rivas (vocals, keyboards) and Christian Pinchbeck (guitars, computers).


2.) Elephant is a Pittsburgh based band featuring members of Wings of Azrael. They released an EP and have a full length album available through iTunes entitled "Identities". The band also has another profile as Elephant (PA) due to the other bands named "Elephant".


3.) Elephant is a one-man project that reveres the metal it enjoys while using this passion to strengthen its own sound through constant experimentation and reinvention. Elephant's 2008 album, The Extinction Paradox, was further proof of Elephant's need to progress. Elephant now presents its seventh and final album, The Defining Choice.


4.) Elephant is a Toronto-based indie band consisting of Ian Kennedy, Matthew MacInnis, Brett Watterton &
Daniel Tal. Their first record entitled "The Violet Hour" was recently released to great reviews.


5.) Elephant from Hamburg, Germany was founded in the late 70s and gained local success as a very good live rock band. They released five albums and are touring in Northern Germany again.


6.) ELEPHANT are Twin brothers Jackson and Coleman Vrana, a punk-infused hip hop duo who've made their splash in Hollywood as a fearless band breaking many barriers and crossing many lines. Their music is raw and simple, and the topics covered tend to be taboo on every level. From tracks like "Notorious H.I.V." to "The Tranny Step," they make LGBT culture look something like that acid trip that nearly killed you. http://www.elephantwave.com/


7.) Elephant were a six piece acoustic band based in Cork, Ireland. Featuring Catherine Ireton and Michael John McCarthy, they released an album 'In the moon' in 2004. Also listed under Catherine Ireton & Elephant

8) Elephant was a 3-piece band from Brighton, UK, who released a number of 7" singles, a 10" and one album, called 'Heyday'. The single 'Valeria' was picked up by John Peel, who played it once or twice. Elephant had all the elements of what many call 'post-punk'...but they were just a very unique, powerful band, a credit to Brighton, and would have been far bigger had they got together five years later...or perhaps carried on...but they just shrugged their shoulders and slipped away, enigmatic until the end..

9) Elephant is a multi-instrumentalist from Dundalk, Ireland. He released his debut album HyperGiant in 2015 and the followup record is due in summer of 2018. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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