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Name: Evolver
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Published/Updated: 14 Oct 2007, 07:19

Biography: Several artists have used the name "Evolver", mainly:

1. A swedish indie electronic pop group formed by Giovanni Bucchieri, Alex Maksic and Hugo Therkelson in Stockholm with influences ranging from Depeche Mode to Dr. Dre, David Bowie, Jaheim and Massive Attack.
Signed to Bolero Records, they officially disbanded in 2007 to focus on their former careers, despite having enjoyed international airplay and good reviews with "Sparkling City Sounds". It was their only album (2004), and it's filled with their special blend of pop and dance.
Their MySpace page is still testimonially alive at www.myspace.com/sparklingcitysounds

2. A grime MC.

3. A rock band moving forward and expressing their musical journey through pure ROCK ‘n ROLL. Their sound is a wonderful fusion of 70s rock and the Now, intertwining a modern edge with raw appeal and rootsy blues.

Made up of three talented muso’s – Cliff Esterhuizen (drums); Sean Murphy (keyboards/Backup vocals) and Peter Pote (vocals/guitar) – this dynamic trio takes their interpretation of music onto stage with an energy so captivating, you just can’t help yourself but to get up and dance. All members have been jamming since their early teens, sharing a common thread, a love for music, and have been influenced by the likes of the Beatles, Guns ‘n Roses, Billy Idol and Elvis.

With three national tours already under their belt and more on the way, these guys from Jozi have no limits in sight. Evolver’s first single ‘Lets Get Naked’, which was showcased on SL magazine, was released by 5FM on the High Five at Five in 2004 where it reached No. 5. It also hit No. 16 on the Top 40. ‘Closer to You’, was then released in early 2005 on various stations, doing well on Algoa FM.

The next single, ‘Keep on Moving’, proved to be very popular, catapulting to the top, hitting No. 1 on 5FMs High Five at Five. Evolver's latest single, ‘Stronger’, has just been released nationwide so check this space…It has been taken from their up and coming Album GET UP. Also keep your eyes peeled for their first music video.

Exciting times, this is just the beginning and with a worldwide resurgence of interest in rock music, it is hard to let this act slip by unnoticed. Enjoy, Express, Evolve… Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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