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Name: Hercules
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Published/Updated: 06 Jun 2006, 23:12

Biography: 1)Hercules is Marshall Jefferson.

2)Hercules is a hardcore punk band from Omaha, Nebraska. Started as a joke to make fun of a local tough guy band, they've now released a demo and an EP, Those of the Damned Run on Circles of Glory, and their new LP titled "Moonriders" out now on Nihilism Records. Their Website is: www.myspace.com/herculesne

3) Hercules the band is two people: Ben Sumner and Peter Baldwin, an Englishman and a New-Englishman, who are responsible for all facets of Hercules music. Working as songwriters, producers, musicians, and arrangers, Hercules has created numerous recordings and several film scores. Additionally, the duo has worked with some of today's hottest young stars and starlets such as Fan Modine, Lullaby Baxter, Bipolaroid, and King Radio. Lacking the familiar pop-combo, which characterizes many groups within the popular group genre, Hercules has-thus far-limited their public appearances to strictly non-performing events. Regrettably, this practice has given rise to the belief that Messrs. Sumner and Baldwin are in some way mysterious, which is entirely false, mostly. Their website is: www.herculesmusic.com

4) Hercules may refer to a portuguese neo-psychedelia/rock band hailing from Lisbon Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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