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Name: Igor Garnier
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Popular Tags: Progressive House, trance, electro house, vocal house, comercial house,

Published/Updated: 14 Jun 2010, 14:04

Biography: Igor Garnier (born on 16th February 1990, in Belgrade, Serbia) is a DJ, music producer, songwriter and remix artist. He is said to be Serbia's emerging Calvin Harris; his music is described as "smart-sounding house with a pop edge".

His first creative encounter with music was at the age of 6, when he started to play the piano in music school. As a very successful pianist, with a vast array of international rewards, he decided to take the music knowledge to the next level. As he attended Music High School, major Music production, music theory and piano, he crafted the knowledge of music in general. After Music High School, he entered European Music University, major Sound engineering. This was the stepping stone where he completed the essentials of music production and the next level of sound engineering.

He was introduced to electronic music in 2005, and he realised that this kind of music is made of so many different layers, but in that complexity he found harmony and creative output that he can engage in. Ever since, he is drawn to electronic sound further and further. He was amazed by the easiness of music production in software on his Mac with just essential equipment, and, as time passed by and his talent and determination grew bigger and focus on writing music came clearer, he realised that this was not just a hobby - this was life.

He managed to improve his studio equipment and increased the number of instruments and accessories, so now he works in a professional studio, consisting of many high-end instruments. But this just wasn't enough for him - he was astonished by music mixing and DJ-ing as he found a new output for his creativity; the technique of mixing came easy for him as for all of his life he was surrounded by musical gadgets and his musical taste is chiseled in years of listening and learning music. In 2007 he started to play in various Belgrade clubs; as he combined mixing and playing live, a lot of people recognised the craft of this young artist, so he advanced to a more bigger and more famous venues. The music that he is making and ability to combine dance music with lyrics that have an emotional feel and over-the-top catchy choruses makes him one of the few young artists that is taking music seriously and taking it to a higher level. His tracks and remixes are played around the globe on radio stations and in clubs. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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