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Name: Kronic
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Published/Updated: 05 Sep 2006, 06:29

Biography: There is more than artist with this name:

1. Death/doom metal from Copenhagen, Denmark


2. Hip Hop artist from 90s.

3. psytrance producer and dj

4. Experimental Rock group.

Year of Formation:

Imtiaz –
Vocals/Bass and other instruments.
Gear: Hohner Pro Fl fretless bass, Zoom BFX 505 Bass Processor, Gibson - Epiphone 12 string semi-acoustic, Yamaha Classical guitar, Yamaha PSR - 170 Keyboard, Warwick Thumb Bolt on 6 string Bass, Zoom GFX 707 II Guitar Processor, Roland and Stranger Amps, Stranger Pedals.

Zumar –
Vocals/Guitars and Acoustics.
Gear: Ibanez RG 270, , Fender Acoustics, Digitech RP 14, Zoom 707II.

Nafeez –
Vocals/Drums and Percussions.
Gear: Sticks - Vater, Zildzian 'Tempesta', Vic Firth and Model no. L8H477 Custom made Sticks….

Rousseau aka RousseauBABA–
Gear: Jackson PS4, Samick Stratocaster, Ovation Acoustic, DOD FX7, Johnson J Station.

Saadi –
Gear: Washburn N4ESA Nuno Bettencourt Signature Series Guitar, Line 6 POD 2.0 guitar processor, CortX Guitar.

KrOnic started as a project by Zumar to create a few instrumentals joining hands with Imtiaz. They tried to develop something they thought could be quite interesting. Zumar being just more than a starter in the field of guitar playing, but with a brilliant creativity and talent approached Imtiaz, who at that time played keyboards and guitars for fun, messing around with different tunes and sound effects, yet just trying to catch a sound he could call a little different.

After a month or two, a new guitarist Ahad joins the formation. Imtiaz switches to bass. Jointly they start recording bits and pieces of their compositions which had become a plural number. In the mean time, Nafeez joins the band coming back from Canada as the drummer. The fixed band line up hence became - Zumar ( Guitars/Vocals ), Imtiaz ( Bass/Vocals ), Ahad ( Guitars ) and Nafeez ( Drums & Percussions ). Personal problems however forces Ahad to quit the band, who is then replaced by Rousseau. But Rousseau leaves for higher studies and Saadi takes the position of lead guitarist. However, Rousseau and Zumar are still active members of the band regardless of living abroad for the time being.

Participated in numerous concerts.
Released the song ‘Ditio Prohor' in the mixed compilation album ‘Agontuk' in 2003.
Released KrOnic's debut album ‘Asroy' in 2005. The album was sold out within five days of release.

Future Plans:
Release more albums, do more concerts and Do what we have been always doing…..Eat music, sleep music, drink…whatever we feel like. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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