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GRETSCH GUITARS PRESENTS I.E. Psycho Punk FestivalDate: February 21, 2015, 7:03 am
Venue: The Grizzly Den, 1318 W 9th St, Upland, CA, United States (Postal Code: 91786)
Performing: Left Alone, The Rocketz, Naked Aggression, Damaged, Narcoleptic Youth, LFC, Slanderin, Corrupted Youth, Grave Slaves, Rodents Of Unusual Size, Bear Fight, Infirmities, Sandbox Bullies, Longest Line, Rundown Kreeps, 21 skulls, Graveyard The Henchmen, Kon Toki, Me Gusta Puta, Fe D' Ratas, Headliner: Left Alone
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The Bands:
Left Alone, The Rocketz
Hard Fall Hearts,Sandbox Bullies,
Kon Tiki, Slanderin, Narcoleptic Youth
Grave Slaves, Damaged,Rodents of Unusual Size
Rundown Kreeps, Longest Line
LFC, MGP, Corrupted Youth,
21 SKULLS, Fe D Ratas, Infirmities
Bear fight, Graveyard Henchmen

Sponsored by Gretsch Guitars

Other information:
All ages
3 stages.
20 bands
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