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Name: Liar
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Published/Updated: 03 Sep 2006, 05:18

Biography: There is more than one artist with this name, in order of popularity:

1) LIAR Is a chain-smoking beat magician. Hailing from post-Ottomanian Bucharest. He produces a funky cigarette smell, future beats & bass. -- --

2) Liar is a straight edge metalcore band from the H8000 scene in Belgium. Early '90s they introduced influences of thrash, black and death metal in hardcore, when there were only emo and youthcrew bands on European soil. Debut cd Falls of Torment was released through Goodlife Recordings in '95 and shook the scene with it's heavy Slayer-influenced metal/hardcore.

In '97 Invictus was released, one of the best metalcore albums ever from Europe and far beyond. In '99 Deathrow Earth was released which is considered their darkest album. After this album guitarist and co-founder Josh Fury left the band to focus on CONGRESS. 2 guitarists replaced him. In 2001 Liar's Hell was released on Alveran Records, and in 2005 Murder Manifesto on GSR Music, which was very brutal, dark and black metalcore alike.

In 2006 Liar called it quits. They also released some split cd's, toured Europe lots of times, toured Japan, and still live the vegan/veggie straight edge lifestyle.

In 2008 however they announced a comeback.

3) Liar were a speed metal from Germany (Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia) formed in 1988. They only released two discs: "Nothing But The Truth" (1989) and "Cheatin' Games" (1991)

Vocals: The Duke
Guitars: Manu Münzel
Bass: Dipzy
Keyboards: Bone
Drums: Teffe

4) An early project of virtuoso guitarist Eric McFadden, Liar released two albums: Devil Dog Road in 1996 and Gone Too Far in 1998. Originally from Albuquerque and later relocating to San Francisco, they played an energetic variety of Americana with influences of carnival music and hard rock.

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