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Name: Slapbak
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Published/Updated: 21 Nov 2007, 12:24

Biography: Slapbak is the brazenly category-defying love child of singer/songwriter Jara Harris, who also happens to play drums, bass, guitar and keyboards extremely well. He’s a Mission Viejo native who has painstakingly nurtured his rainbow-shaded band through the sunniest of times to the pitch-black bleakest. This racially and sexually mixed sextet of funk-rockin’ show-stoppers has morphed through several permutations of membership to arrive - in 2005 - with both the master plan and the master band.

Slapbak is lead singer/bassist Jara Harris, rapper/vocalist TJ Quake, co-lead singer Aleida, guitarist Jeff "J-Rok" Harris, drummer M.A.T.T. and turntablist DJ Ruffnek. Jamming in a circle with all members facing each other, they push each other to dizzying heights of intensity. Leader Jara rocks the center, concealed by a cap as he effortlessly sings and serves his bass a serious thumpin’. J-Rok wrings blistering runs and righteous rhythms from his axe. Aleida - eyes squeezed shut – gyrates and croons much `tude over the groove…lost in music. Ruffnek telegraphs beat back-up on a digital pad to his left while scratchin’ up a desert storm with his right. M.A.T.T. straight body slams his kit with a 2-n-4 you can set a Swiss watch to. And “The Quake” - with arm muscles flexing and throat veins bulging – stomps in and out of the circle spittin’ venomous hooks and verses. As an impenetrable cipher, Slapbak hammers out a funk fortified force field that’ll knock the uninitiated to its knees! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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