Experimental Videos

  Artist Video title Views Added Src
Brings her modular orchestra to lifeKaitlyn Aurelia SmithBrings her modular orchestra to life39929/07/16
Buchla Sound PaintingKaitlyn Aurelia SmithBuchla Sound Painting59429/07/16
ArthropodaKaitlyn Aurelia SmithArthropoda60629/07/16
SundryKaitlyn Aurelia SmithSundry64529/07/16
When I Try, I'm FullKaitlyn Aurelia SmithWhen I Try, I'm Full56929/07/16
Route One (Full 24 Hours - 1080p)Sigur RósRoute One (Full 24 Hours - 1080p)104819/07/16
Route One [360°] (Full 24 Hours)Sigur RósRoute One [360°] (Full 24 Hours)104619/07/16
Route One (Part 1 - 360°)Sigur RósRoute One (Part 1 - 360°)103519/07/16
Route One (Part 3)Sigur RósRoute One (Part 3)93719/07/16
Route One (Part 2)Sigur RósRoute One (Part 2)72619/07/16
Route One (Part 1)Sigur RósRoute One (Part 1)74119/07/16
Human OmTobaccoHuman Om88612/07/16
Empathy (NSFW)Kelsey LuEmpathy (NSFW)68811/07/16
Dawn BreaksSaxsyndrumDawn Breaks113807/07/16
Euclidean PlaneBen ChatwinEuclidean Plane90106/07/16
Hustle BoyMaal & MorrisHustle Boy87929/06/16
Funeral PyreAlex SomersFuneral Pyre99828/06/16
ShapeshiftingChristopher TignorShapeshifting94828/06/16
Her Day Ended SlowlySnowdayHer Day Ended Slowly165528/06/16
Female VampireJenny HvalFemale Vampire132521/06/16
Pumped From AboveAdult JazzPumped From Above196914/06/16
Never PerfectionRebel YellNever Perfection309809/06/16


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