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Visitors of our site are welcome to contact me if they notice any problems with our site, so I can fix them. I'd even appreciate it very much if they would do so. If you have a suggestion or if you have a question feel free to contact me using the link below

Press Releases / Promo Mails

If you're a promotion agency, a record label or an artist, please use the following Press Releases email link only (to make sure your mail arrives in the correct mailbox ;)

Please note: we reserve the right to reject submissions if they're inappropriate, not professional enough or for other reasons (in violation with adsense policies, lyric videos, audio-only videos etc). You're welcome to ask but you'll have to accept that we'll have the final word.

Spammers beware

Do not waste our time by contacting us for any SEO, web design proposals, link exchange programs, facebook friends or twitter followers for sale, or any other nonsense we never asked for. Your email address will immediately end up in Google's Spam filters, if it wasn't there already.


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