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Paléo Festival Nyon 2016

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» The Lumineers
» KiKu & Blixa Bargeld & Black Cracker
» Prométhée
» Sarah W. Papsun
» The Raven Age
» Steve'N'Seagulls
» Eluveitie
» Nattali Rize
» J.C. Satàn
» Tiken Jah Fakoly
» Giédré
» Bastille
» The Avener
» Soom T
» Lilly Wood & The Prick
» The Angelcy
» Rover/a>
Birdy Nam Nam
» A-Wa
» Mbonwanga Star
» Mansfield.TYA

19 July 2016

19h30 Courtney Barnett
20h30 The Lumineers
21h45 AaRON
23h45 We Are Match
00h45 KiKu & Blixa Bargeld & Black Cracker (recorded)

20 July 2016

17h45 Promethee
19h15 Steve'N'Seagulls
20h15 The Raven Age
21h15 Sarah W. Papsun
22h30 Eluveitie
00h00 J.C. Satàn

21 July 2016

17h30 Nattali Rize
18h40 Tiken Jah Fakoly
20h15 The Lumineers - replay
21h45 Steve'N'Seagulls - replay
23h00 J.C. Satàn - replay
00h00 Eluveitie - replay
01h00 Birdy Nam Nam

22 July 2016

17h30 Giédré
18h30 Rover
19h30 Nattali Rize
20h45 Bastille
21h45 Lilly Wood & The Prick
22h45 Birdy Nam Nam
23h45 DBFC
01h00 The Avener

23 July 2016

19h00 Mansfield. TYA
20h00 Abd Al Malik
21h15 Tiken Jah Fakoly (replay)
22h35 Lilly Wood and the Prick (replay)
23h35 DBFC (replay)
00h15 Soom T
01h30 The Shoes

24 July 2016

18:00 Thomas Dutronc
20:30 A-Wa
23:45 Mbonwanga Star

19-24 July 2016

The Paléo Festival de Nyon, usually just called Paléo, is an annual rock festival held in Nyon, Switzerland, between Geneva and Lausanne. It started in a small way in 1976 as the Nyon Folk Festival. It was originally held near Lake Geneva and had only two stages, but today it is one of major open-air music festivals in mainland Europe.

Official Site http://yeah.paleo.ch/en/

We'll keep the VOD (video on demand) recordings from the livestreams on this page for quite a while.

Paléo stream announcements can be extremely chaotic, with wrong dates and wrong streaming times and so on and so forth, so assume there will be changes and check back regularly.


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Official Site http://www.paleo.ch/