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# Artist  Views  Genre Videos 
1Juliet July326R'n'B, Soul, Funk1
2Gary Collocott365Pop1
35K HD386Experimental1
4Jabberwocky399Pop, Live In Concert1
6Ivy Nations421Rock & Alternative1
7Surf Dads458Rock & Alternative1
8Fakear488Pop, Live In Concert1
9Chin Up, Kid549Rock & Alternative1
10Goddamnit553Rock & Alternative1
11Ljova And The Kontraband567Blues & Jazz, Live In Concert1
12Dux n Bass572Dance1
13Bill Baird593Rock & Alternative1
14Paris Combo595World & Reggae, Live In Concert1
15Say Yes608Rock & Alternative1
16David F. Bello623Rock & Alternative1
17Jade Imagine640Pop1
18Julia Tomlinson645R'n'B, Soul, Funk1
19The Vacant Lots646Rock & Alternative1
20Novembers Doom649Metal & X-Core, Album Streams1
21Hoan654Rock & Alternative1
22Younger Then654Rock & Alternative1
23Big Bank655Hip-Hop1
25Eat Your Heart Out663Rock & Alternative1
26Eighteen Visions665Metal & X-Core1
27The Artificials665Metal & X-Core, Album Streams1
28The New Year665Rock & Alternative1
29I.D.A.L.G.677Rock & Alternative1
30Diabulus In Musica.681Metal & X-Core1
31Le Galaxie683Pop1
32Julian Taylor Band686Rock & Alternative1
33Mountain Dust693Rock & Alternative1
34Louie Louie695Pop1
35Hot Mulligan697Rock & Alternative1
37Cr3on & DeepMe701Pop1
38Earthists707Metal & X-Core1
39Evol Waves710Dance1
40The Chain Gang of 1974711Rock & Alternative1
41Michelle Gurevich715Pop, Live In Concert1
42Tjens Matic718Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert1
43Noname732Hip-Hop, Live In Concert1
44Down On Maddy735Pop1
46Saint WKND741Pop1
47Bill MacKay742Rock & Alternative1
48David F Bello742Rock & Alternative1
49Syml755Rock & Alternative1
50Weird Al Yankovic756Hip-Hop1

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