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# Artist  Views  Genre Videos 
1Deep Throat Choir385Pop, Album Streams1
2Bill MacKay446Rock & Alternative1
3David F. Bello467Rock & Alternative1
4David F Bello476Rock & Alternative1
5David F. Bello538Rock & Alternative1
6Leandro Da Silva544Dance1
7Ignore The Sign609Rock & Alternative1
8Saint WKND621Pop1
9Nevada Beach630Rock & Alternative1
10For I Am King660Metal & X-Core1
11Pleasureagony670Rock & Alternative1
12Evol Waves674Dance1
13Ra Ra695Hip-Hop1
14Julia Louise712Rock & Alternative1
15Aldous Harding719Pop1
16Nudozurdo741Rock & Alternative1
18Communion759Rock & Alternative1
19Jons761Rock & Alternative1
20Áine Cahill768Pop1
21Pocket Dragon775R'n'B, Soul, Funk1
23Andrew Combs783Rock & Alternative1
24Slow Dancer795Pop1
25Rob de Nijs798Pop1
26Witterquick805Rock & Alternative1
27Esmé Patterson809Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert1
28Hand Habits811Pop1
29Princess Pang817Rock & Alternative1
30Nova Collective822Rock & Alternative1
31Agar Agar826Pop, Live In Concert1
32Brightness826Rock & Alternative1
34Razzmattazz827Rock & Alternative1
35Ibibio Sound Machine828Pop1
36Star Captains842Pop1
37Survive845Rock & Alternative1
39Faiza854R'n'B, Soul, Funk1
40Kee Marcello857Metal & X-Core1
41Saul Rivers857Rock & Alternative1
43Black Map867Rock & Alternative1
44Sofia Carson877Pop1
45Necromancing the Stone882Metal & X-Core1
46Riviere882Rock & Alternative1
47Quaker City Night Hawks888Rock & Alternative1
48M.A. Beat!889Rock & Alternative, Live In Concert1
49Won Ton Ton889Pop1
50Chase Benji896Hip-Hop1

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