Recently added Music Videos

  Artist Video title Category Added Src
PoisonLimbsPoisonMetal & X-Core1 day
Don't Miss You MuchKee MarcelloDon't Miss You MuchMetal & X-Core1 day
SolsticeGhost KeySolsticeMetal & X-Core1 day
Midnight MadnessDragonforceMidnight MadnessMetal & X-Core1 day, 1 hour
Forest CloudsWindhandForest CloudsMetal & X-Core1 day, 19 hrs
Summer Has Gone (TV Live)Diablo BlvdSummer Has Gone (TV Live)Metal & X-Core1 day, 19 hrs
FloatDamned Spring FragrantiaFloatMetal & X-Core2 days, 18 hrs
SanityBacktrackSanityMetal & X-Core2 days, 19 hrs
Seek & Destroy (MetOnTour - Cologne, Germany - 2017)MetallicaSeek & Destroy (MetOnTour - Cologne, …Metal & X-Core2 days, 19 hrs
The FrostAugust Burns RedThe FrostMetal & X-Core3 days, 2 hrs
Of Wolf and Man (MetOnTour - Lyon, France - 2017)MetallicaOf Wolf and Man (MetOnTour - Lyon, Fr…Metal & X-Core3 days, 2 hrs
When the Magic Is GoneArtilleryWhen the Magic Is GoneMetal & X-Core3 days, 17 hrs
The SunGothministerThe SunMetal & X-Core4 days
Heavy GloomBodysnatcherHeavy GloomMetal & X-Core4 days, 18 hrs
Riots!!!Sleazy RoXxXRiots!!!Metal & X-Core4 days, 18 hrs
Black SupremacySamaelBlack SupremacyMetal & X-Core4 days, 18 hrs
ManUNkind (Live - Paris, France - 2017)MetallicaManUNkind (Live - Paris, France - 2017)Metal & X-Core6 days, 18 hrs
The Day That Never Comes (MetOnTour - Paris, France - 2017)MetallicaThe Day That Never Comes (MetOnTour -…Metal & X-Core6 days, 18 hrs
Kill Your Demons (censored)Emil BullsKill Your Demons (censored)Metal & X-Core6 days, 23 hrs
As Life Slowly FadesEvil InvadersAs Life Slowly FadesMetal & X-Core1 week
SleeplessThousand BelowSleeplessMetal & X-Core1 week
Words of Wisdom (live)JinjerWords of Wisdom (live)Metal & X-Core1 week, 1 day
Patterns To FollowImplorePatterns To FollowMetal & X-Core1 week, 1 day
Come Hell Or High Water (live)Gus G.Come Hell Or High Water (live)Metal & X-Core1 week, 1 day
OverthrowVeil Of MayaOverthrowMetal & X-Core1 week, 1 day

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